Turok - hands-on multiplayer event

All of the weapons in Turok have some kind of secondary fire that needs to be mastered to use the weapons full potential. The rifle's secondary fire was a Disruption Grenade launcher. It doesn't do much damage, but knocks anyone hit by it back about fifteen feet and lands them on their asses like they'd drank one too many Turok Specials. We also tried out a Mini-Gun that can be deployed as a stationary auto-turret and a Sticky Bomb Gun that shoots remote mines or proximity mines.

Even with more exotic weapons available, our favorite way to inflict death on our opponents was to use the Pulse Rifle's Disruption Grenade and then pull out our knife to finish the job. If you get close enough - how close you need to be is determined by your approach angle - you can get a one hit execution and a neat little third-person moment while you grapple with and then kill your opponent. Yes, you can do it to thedinosaurs too.

The multiplayer is running well. It's bloody and fun and if you shoot a rocket there's a cool reality-warping boom thing that happens - although sometimes the bodies exploded slightly out of synch with the blast. We're sure they'll have that and any other kinks ironed out for the game's release: February 5. Check back with us then for the full review, and take a peek at ourimage gallery until then for all the latest screens.