Turok - hands-on multiplayer event

Apparently Turok's favorite drink is a bright green mix of vodka, apple schnapps, maybe some Pucker and a bit of soda water to top it off. At least that's what we were told was in the Turok Special at the unveiling of the Turok multiplayer. We're still not totally convinced that our favoriteblade wielding Native American dinosaur hunter is into drinking effervescent shooters, but whatever. Dinosaurs are green too, so we drank 'em.

Despite our hindered reflexes, we thought things would be ok. We were trying out the multiplayer, and most of the other journalists would be at a similar disadvantage. Although you can't play as a dinosaur, on some of the levels there are still raptors lurking around and pouncing on any player who gets too close, anyone who happens to be highlighted with a flare or the people who just don't see it coming.

When not desperately backpedaling away from dinos, our multiplayer character (a member of the Whiskey Co. team) plays like a tough-as-dirt tank. The controls move him very deliberately, and you have the ability to dive heroically to the left or right with the push of a button.

The dinohunters soak up quite a bit of damage, so running into combat with just our starting pistol or Pulse Rifle was a pretty good way to die. The guns look great and spray thick bullets that seem to pack a convincing ka-thwunk, but even the strongest, toughest hunter needs to play smart to win.