Transformers: The Game interview

There's something funny about the fact that one of the most anticipated movies of the summer, Transformers, is based on a cartoon that was ostensibly a thirty minute infomercial for toys. But will the corresponding game also be just another promotional tool? Executive Producer Daniel Suarez explains what Activision did to ensure that Transformers: The Game was more than meets the bottom line.

GamesRadar: For those who haven't seen it yet, what kind of game is it?

Daniel Suarez: It's a single-player, action/adventure game that pits The Autobots and The Decepticons against each other in a quest to the Allspark, this life-giving force that had been on Cybertron [the Transformers home world], but is now on Earth. The game centers around the robots themselves, and when you start playing, you’re given the choice of either being The Autobots or The Decepticons.

GR: How difficult was it to figure out what kind of game Transformers should be?

DS: When we started designing the game, there were key pillars we focused on. First, Transformers transform. The second was destruction. These guys are huge, they’re going to be in cities on Earth, so things are going to break. And third was scale; we wanted to put them in positions where these characters feel big. So it was pretty obvious what kind of game would work best.

GR: Besides melee attacks, each Transformer has his own projectile attacks. Were those taken from the film?

DS: Actually, they're a mix of things from the movie and some things we created. Opmtimus Prime, for example, has guns that pop out when he's a semi, which we haven't seen before. So inspiration came from the movie, but we definitely ran with it.


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