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Tournament of Legends review

It's like Soul Caliber – with no soul


  • The shtick of the whole experience
  • Silly storylines
  • Hilarious dialogue and voice acting


  • Fighting without grappling
  • Massively overpowered enchantments
  • Getting crushed by button-mashing beginners

In Tournament of Legends, gamers are given the unique opportunity to fight as the C-list celebrities of forgotten Greek mythology. Characters are obvious stand-ins for classics and the roster includes a snake woman with snake hair, a skeleton, a big cow-guy and a dude with a raven%26rsquo;s head. Even though Tournament of Legends doesn%26rsquo;t employ any authentic historical characters, it does utilize authentic Roman Numerals for most of the numbers in the game.

Tournament of Legends implements waggle attacks for those players using a Nunchuck/remote combo, but there%26rsquo;s also a classic-controller configuration. Battling is performed through blocks, attacks, and a handful of specials. You can combine specials and waggles to exploit lethal IV-hit combos, but there are no grapple moves to speak of. There%26rsquo;s not a lot of depth here, so even when you know how to use the controls it%26rsquo;s almost more fun to button-mash just to see what happens.

Depth is obviously not the name of the game, hence the minigames and quick-time events, which are injected into ToL at random. They%26rsquo;re probably intended to give the game that characteristic family-oriented Wii feel, but they end up feeling more like commercials than gameplay. Though the minigames detract from the pacing, they%26rsquo;re not all bad.

Take, for instance, arena monsters. Each arena has a huge creature that will interrupt a fight to deal out massive damage to any idiot too stupid to complete one simple quick time event. Because the concept is so ridiculous, it%26rsquo;s actually kind of amusing when you get to dodge a giant crab by pressing a single button.

At other times the QTE%26rsquo;s just suck. Like when an opponent falls, and you have a brief opportunity to taunt them, via a quick time event, which in turn raises your health bar. This is done I/II %26ndash;assed and you%26rsquo;ll be forced to hear the same taunts over and over again or risk losing the match.

Ultimately, everything in ToL can be learned and mastered in a matter of hours, which is perfect because that%26rsquo;s about the maximum amount of time it can be fun for. There are only III different play options that all boil down to the same thing. Single system II-player might be fun if you can trick any of your friends into playing. Though the game is charming in a special sort of way, at full retail, the price is steeper than the off-brand Mount Olympus the legends are fighting to save.

Jul 20, 2010

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Description<p>Though the game is charming in a special sort of way, at full retail, the price is steeper than the off-brand Mount Olympus the legends are fighting to save.</p>
US censor ratingTeen
UK censor rating16+
Release date:6 July 2010 (US), 2 July 2010 (UK)
Available platforms:Wii
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