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  • Ketherx - February 7, 2014 10:43 p.m.

    I loved Papers, Please. It was so damn addicting!
  • n00b - February 4, 2014 6:02 p.m.

    Where's the love for Catherine? Oh wait....
  • KidKatana - February 4, 2014 2:30 a.m.

    I'm playing Okami HD at the moment (I also played it on Wii but it's way better without motion controls), and wondering how this game could have become the notorious flop that it was - it has gorgeous design, brilliant writing, incredibly memorable characters, a beautiful world, joyous gameplay mechanics that all fit together wonderfully into a cohesive whole... And then I realise I'm playing as a wolf who's also a god, and she fights by using a brush to paint onto the world. Oh and the wolf doesn't talk because it's ridden by a man the size of a thumb who does all the talking. And the core gameplay mechanics include eating traditional Japanese food to fill a bag, and also feeding animals to make them praise you. And the current level is set in a bathhouse staffed by the mafia, who are sparrows for some reason. It's weird cos to me those are all reasons to be more interested in the game...
  • avery78 - February 4, 2014 5:16 p.m.

    I played Okami when it originally released and thought it was an amazing game. I also wondered why it didn't become a huge hit.
  • ZeeCaptain - February 3, 2014 10:35 p.m.

    Persona 4: Sounds like a high school dating sim, when in actuality it's, actually no wait, that's ..... that's right.
  • Tenshi-sama - February 3, 2014 9:57 p.m.

    "Games you just need to play to understand" title says it all and applies to other kinds of media as well. There are a lot of games worth playing out there rather than those overly popular ones, you just need to know where to look. I prefer trying whatever I can find first and find so many great games that some are mentioned, and the popular ones come later. And I agree with obliquezombie, 999 was an amazing game worth playing and still need to find a copy of the second one to play.
  • taokaka - February 3, 2014 8:17 p.m.

    In my group of friends I'm the one who plays all the weird, non-mainstream games so I am very used to this situation of not being able to conjure the words as to why somebody should put down call of duty and play (insert lovable, unique game). The hardest sell I've ever had was when I tried to explain flower to a friend. Telling people about a game where you control the wind with motion controls and bring life to flowers is a very hard task. The only way to prove to them I wasn't utter bonkers after telling them that flower was a great game was to show them its metascore, and that is how I escaped being placed in a mental institute.
  • nick-stancato - February 3, 2014 7:01 p.m.

    Totally agree on Persona. I was leery and then played it. And wow one of my favorite franchises now
  • profile0000 - February 3, 2014 6:57 p.m.

    I strongly agree with 999, Dark Souls, and Persona 4. Dark Souls, Persona 4 Golden, and 999's sequel Virtue's Last Reward were easily three of my top five games of the last generation. When asked why, I can never find a convincing way to explain them other than "You just gotta play it to understand why it's so great."
  • TanookiMan - February 3, 2014 6:39 p.m.

    Gotta be honest...I start and stop playing Persona 4 at least once each year. Everyone tells me how awesome it is, but I just can't get into it. I guess I'll go try it again, and will probably stop about 8 hours in again.
  • g1rldraco7 - February 3, 2014 5:53 p.m.

    There is no resisting Animal Crossing, it hooks into your brain and never leaves. Hi I am g1rldraco7 and I am an Animal Crossing addict!!
  • artcellrox - February 3, 2014 10:14 p.m.

    Hi, g1rldraco7. *stands up* Hey everyone, I'm artcellrox... and even though I just bought my first AC game ever in the form of New Leaf about a month ago... I have to say, I'm sorry I ever doubted the series. I am now an Animal Crossing addict (well, more like lover, but that doesn't have the same appeal in an AC Anonymous meeting). :P
  • shawksta - February 3, 2014 5:49 p.m.

    Spelunky is such an odd game yet so lovable. Normally you would think a game that is randomly generated would get tedious and generate negative feedback yet it fits perfectly on Spelunky. Arstotska is still best country
  • J-Fid - February 3, 2014 4:38 p.m.

    I just tell people that Animal Crossing is GTA without the violence, guns, etc. It usually gets the message across.
  • Dnilo - February 3, 2014 4:03 p.m.

    It looks like nobody has played Darwinia or Fez, you really have to play those, specially Darwinia.
  • TanookiMan - February 3, 2014 6:42 p.m.

    What sounds awful Fez? An atmospheric, retro styled exploring platformer with unique puzzles and unique game mechanics? Sign me up please!
  • winner2 - February 3, 2014 3:15 p.m.

    P4 absolutely deserves that spot 100 fucking percent. I put it off for so long until Henry and Coop's praise was inescapable, and I have to say it's very easily one of the greatest games ever made. I had never played a jrpg and thought they sounded stupid, but there's some kind of magic in that game. Even TOM couldn't put it down.
  • Shigeruken - February 3, 2014 4:39 p.m.

    100% Agree with you. When I bought my Vita in July last year, I saw Golden sitting on a shelf behind me for $36, I remembered Henry talking about it so I put it on the counter. It was a total impulse buy, and now it's my favorite game.
  • rainn'sgaydar - February 3, 2014 2:59 p.m.

    Couldn't this have been called the Top 7 Games Tom Magrino Will Never Play? I kid. Sort of. 999/VLR and Persona are definitely good entries, but I tried Animal Crossing and still didn't get it. Then again, I'm a friendless schmuck, so that didn't help.

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