Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Day four

The combat itself has been improved and now looks very familiar. It moves like the original game and shooting endangered animals while they snarl at you looks just like you remember it, even though your memories have glossed over the crude reality of the original.

Egypt itself has been improved drastically. The 'oh it's supposed to be a tree' feeling of the original has been replaced with solid, high-quality environments. The visual style is very similar to that of Legend (logical given the fact the games share the same engine) and there are some neat effects like the bright courtyard dazzling the camera's 'eye' as you view it through a gap in the wall. Of course, this draws you towards it, cleverly distracting you from one of the game's many secret areas. It's behind you!

Above: The panthers aren't quite smart enough to paw the guns from your hands, but they will knock Lara to the ground and pounce on her. Don't give them the chance!