Tips for Kingdom Hearts II - Day one

Having trouble with those pesky Nobodies? Need tips for taking down any of the Goth-boys in Organization XIII? You’ve come to the right place, son. Step right up (or sit down, whatever) and read up on improving your keyblade skills. Sora would be pleased. Haley Joel Osment, Sora’s voice-actor could care less. He recently got a DUI.

The hardest Heartless

Throughout your journey in Kingdom Hearts 2 you’ll fight hundreds of Heartless. Some don’t take much of a beating, but others can be a real pain. Here’s a guide to the hardest…

Beat… Toy Soldier
These monsters hang around Halloween town causing trouble. They have around 200 hit points and drop, among other things, Lucid Stones and Hi-Potions.

Beat… Hot Rod
We hate these things. Their attacks are relentless and they’re difficult to dodge. You face them in Timeless River and they have around 150 hit points.


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