The Worlds of .hack//G.U.

And onto adventure...

Of course, the game changes a lot when you take that first step through a Chaos Gate. Any game - online, offline or clever illusion - is simply nothing without a place to play. .hack//G.U. offers plenty of areas to explore, like any good MMORPG. To help bring The World R:2 to life, you can now randomly encounter other players on their own adventures, and even rescue them from battles they might lose, against enemies or Player Killers. You can also interact more with the dungeons - puzzles have been added.

These dungeons are where you will spend a great deal of time in .hack//G.U. Like a real MMO, players are most concerned with adventuring, and the drama comes thick down in the bowels of the Earth. Though the original game sent you spiraling into depths and fighting endless waves of monsters, you also made rendezvous with other adventurers there. Expect more of the same this time - and significantly nicer looking at that.

To get a look at every element of the game we've talked about so far, just click on these screenshots below:

Expect more exciting information on .hack//G.U. next week.