The Top 7... Loading screens that don't suck quite as hard as loading screens normally do

If we must have loading screens, make them all as great as these, please


*Please wait*...

(This intro would have been much better if it had one of these loading screens to fill it)

The loading screens tellyou how well you're progressing through the game. How close you are to getting a certain achievement or trophy. How far you've driven. The number of flashbacks used… even your average finishing position (which, for us is always 1st, naturally).

The intellectual analysis:
The barrage of statistics offer validation, not only assubtle encouragement that you're making progress towards clearly-defined goals, but suggesting that the game is watching and indeed applauding everything you do, elevating the individual's sense of self-worth as a result.

The layman's analysis:
Is there really an achievement called 'two cups one girl'?


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