The Top 7... Failed Franchises We Know How to Fix

Blaster Master was all about driving a hovering,

mega-cannoned car through all kinds of levels in search of secret bases, power-ups and resources for your vehicle. What do you do in Mass Effect while piloting the Mako? The exact same thing, complete with on-foot modes that have you taking down baddies and unearthing supplies sans tank. Even little details like shocks in the Normandy's wheels had us pining for another go at Sophia, Blaster Master's curiously emotive cruiser. Just picture the Normandy with sticky tires exploring varied environments and bam, you've got a killer game that could bring yet another aging series back to the fore.

"Mass Effect again?" you say? Yeah, we had the same game in the article twice. Sue us. It's a perfect fit and you know it. Granted, Mass Effect doesn't involve mutant frogs, but the framework for an awesome game is there. You could also apply a lot of these similarities to the classic Moon Patrol, but Blaster Master is an actual franchise - not just a one-off arcade success.

And just in case you wanted a little more convincing...