The Top 7… extreme game character makeovers

The gaming stars who went under the knife for drastic redesigns

Facelifts and other forms of cosmetic surgery aren%26rsquo;t just for aging MILFs, dried-up Hollywood C-listers and 40 stone blobs who have to get forklifted out of their beds. No, sometimes our favourite game stars need a bit of a nip and tuck too. After all, there%26rsquo;s no point battling hordes of the undead or saving the planet from a cult of religious alien zealots if you%26rsquo;re sporting last season%26rsquo;s armour or an out of date %26lsquo;do. In the spirit of self improvement, the following image-conscious characters all went under the digital scalpel for radical and flirty design changes in the hope of catching fickle gamers%26rsquo; eyes.

7. Master Chief

Getting nipped and tucked between: Halo and Halo 2


When Spartan 117 hit the Xbox scene in late 2001 he debuted with a reasonably fetching, if rather bland ensemble. While his spacesuit might have given him sturdy protection against plasma grenades, it wasn%26rsquo;t that eye-catching. Observing his old get up now, he looks more like a common ODST than the monosyllabic saviour of humanity.


Oprah! Make Over My Man!

Above: We%26rsquo;ve not seen her show in a while, but Oprah still speaks with a Cockney accent, right?


This Arabian Hugh Grant wannabe might be a bit of a bumbling fop%26hellip; but he was our bumbling fop . A gentle action hero, the Prince and his game Sands of Time were perhaps too pure and polite to survive in the cutthroat, testosterone-twisted gaming market of 2003. Still, the Aladdin%26ndash;esque baggy trousers and circa 1998 curtains hairstyle affirmed that this guy was the unthreatening sort you%26rsquo;d love to take home to your doting old mum%26hellip;


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