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The Spiderwick Chronicles Cheats

  • Cheats

    Entry location: Hold L1 and R1 and hit the following buttons to turn the cheats on and off
    Triangle, Triangle, X, X, Square, Circle, Square, Circle
    Cheat Combat Loadout

    Circle, Circle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X
    Cheat Field Guide Unlocked

    Triangle, Square, X, Circle, Triangle, Square, X, Circle
    Cheat Heal

    Square, Square, Square, Circle, X, X, X, Triangle
    Cheat Infinite Ammo

    Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X, X, Triangle, Triangle
    Cheat Invulnerability
    Submitted by Danger Dave
  • More Cheats

    Entry location: Hold L2 and R2 and hit the following buttons to turn the cheats on and off
    Triangle, X, Circle, Square, X, Triangle, Square, Circle
    Cheat Sprite A

    X, X, Triangle, Square, Square, Circle, Triangle, X
    Cheat Sprite B

    Circle, Triangle, Square, X, Circle, Triangle, Square, X
    Cheat Sprite C
    Submitted by Danger Dave

The Spiderwick Chronicles Hints

  • Treefolk Locations

    Both of the treefolk are in the deep woods:

    Oak:This warps you between the place with loads of bushes to the tunnels near the cellar
    Cypress:This one's in the swamp. It takes you to the griffin's perch.

    (You can't use the treefolk until you get the acorn from the safe with Thimbletack)
    Submitted by XXX

The Spiderwick Chronicles Unlockables

  • Achievements

    Ball Bearings Collector (10) - Collect 50 Ball Bearings.
    Ball Bearings Enthusiast (10) - Collect 25 Ball Bearings.
    Ball Bearings Fanatic (30) - Collect 100 Ball Bearings.
    Beetle Mimic Collector (10) - Record all Beetle Mimic Sprites.
    Bellflower Collector (10) - Record all Bellflower Sprites.
    Chapter Eight Complete (80) - Complete the Field Guide.
    Chapter Five Complete (10) - Tame the Griffin.
    Chapter Four Complete (10) - Find Aunt Lucinda.
    Chapter One Complete (10) - Find the Field Guide.
    Chapter Seven Complete (10) - Defeat Mulgarath!
    Chapter Six Complete (10) - Return to the Mansion.
    Chapter Three Complete (10) - Burn the Field Guide.
    Chapter Two Complete (10) - Obtain the Monocle.
    Cockatrice Research (20) - Complete the Cockatrice page of the Field Guide.
    Faerie Fruit Collector (20) - Collect 20 Faerie Fruit.
    Faerie Fruit Enthusiast (10) - Collect 10 Faerie Fruit.
    Faerie Fruit Fanatic (50) - Collect 40 Faerie Fruit.
    Fire Salamander Collector (30) - Collect 10 Fire Salamanders.
    Fire Salamander Master (10) - Complete the Fire Salamander page in the Field Guide.
    Flower-Head Collector (10) - Record all Flower-Head Sprites.
    Flower-Winged Sprite Collector (10) - Collect all Flower-Winged Sprites.
    Goblin Conqueror (20) - Collect 250 Goblin Teeth.
    Goblin Distracter (20) - Send a Goblin over a cliff with a Distract Sprite.
    Goblin Killer (10) - Collect 100 Goblin Teeth.
    Goblin Master (50) - Collect 500 Goblin Teeth.
    Goblin Roaster (20) - Send a Goblin into a Fire Salamander with a Distract Sprite.
    Goblin Trapper (20) - Trap a Goblin inside a Toadstool Ring.
    Gobstone Collector (10) - Collect 50 Gobstones.
    Gobstone Enthusiast (10) - Collect 25 Gobstones.
    Gobstone Fanatic (30) - Collect 100 Gobstones.
    Green Thumb (40) - Complete Garden Sprites quest.
    Griffin Tamer (10) - Complete the Griffin page in the Field Guide.
    Interior Decorator (50) - Fully decorate Thimbletack's house.
    ISL Champion (100) - Score 100 points in a "Sprites and Goblins" ISL Arena match without taking damage.
    ISL Master (50) - Finish an ISL match in which each player scores 50+ points.
    Knocker Unlocker (10) - Talk to both Knockers.
    Leatherwing Collector (10) - Record all Leatherwing Sprites.
    Phlegm Face (10) - Obtain Hobgoblin spit for Mallory.
    Pond Skater Collector (10) - Record all Pond Skater Sprites.
    Redcap Recording (10) - Complete the Redcap page in the Field Guide.
    River Troll Master (10) - Complete River Troll page in the Field Guide.
    Roach Conqueror (10) - Collect 25 Cockroaches.
    Roach Killer (10) - Collect 10 Cockroaches.
    Roach Master (30) - Collect 50 Cockroaches.
    Royal Orchid Collector (10) - Record all Royal Orchid Sprites.
    Slime Boy (10) - Obtain Hobgoblin spit for Simon.
    Sprout Collector (10) - Record all Sprout Sprites.
    Stray Sod Collector (10) - Record all Stray Sod.
    Tour of Arenas (20) - Complete a multiplayer match in every ISL Arena.
    Will O' The Wisp Collector (10) - Record all Will O' The Wisps.
    Submitted by S-P-I-D-E-R

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More Info

Release date: Feb 05 2008 - Xbox 360, Wii, DS, PC, PS2 (US)
Available Platforms: Xbox 360, Wii, DS, PC, PS2
Genre: Adventure
Published by: Sierra
Developed by: Stormfront, Backbone Entertainment
ESRB Rating:
Everyone 10+: Animated Blood, Mild Fantasy Violence, Mild Language