The PSP games you have to own

Impressive as PSP has been so far, this is the year it really takes off. Some very big titles are coming, but not all of the most promising stuff is high-profile. At least, not yet. So take a look through this top 10 and make some notes. You really don't want to miss out.

Tomb Raider: Legend
By Eidos | Out  May 9, 2006

Legend is gorgeous for a PS2 game, and almost as gorgeous running on the diminutive PSP (we're not guessing; we know). Better still, beneath the striking looks lies a Tomb Raider finally unshackled from grid-based movement, with a clear focus on exploration and puzzles, glorious locations and revitalized gameplay. It could well be a classic, and at the very least, it won't leave you asking "What the Hell happened to the Tomb Raider I used to love?"

It looks like an excellent conversion of a revitalized legend.


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