The men behind Final Fantasy XII

Ready to step into the world of Ivalice? Find out the details you need to know before you go

You've never done the art direction on a mainstream Final Fantasy title before. How did you best use the opportunity you were presented with?

Many know me for my work on Final Fantasy XII, but I actually created the characters for Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Vagrant Story. I focused on creating characters that were unique and new for Final Fantasy XII.

How is following both Yoshitaka Amano (FF I-VI) and Tetsuya Nomura (FF VII, VIII, X, Kingdom Hearts) as character designer on the Final Fantasy series?

I didn't really have that in mind. I wasn't really caught up in the previous Final Fantasy series designs and I focused on creating new characters that I too have never created before.

Was it difficult to create the visuals and feel you wanted within the constraint of the main Final Fantasy series?

I didn't think it was difficult to create because it was the Final Fantasy series. No matter what title it is, I always have a hard time creating characters. A lot of the staff members worked really hard with me in creating the actual models from my rough designs and as a result, I think we were able to create a lot of wonderful characters.