The Godfather

We wreak havoc in EA's recreation of mob-ruled 1940s New York

Gameplay aside, fans of the movie will have very little to complain about. All of the movie's many characters are represented faithfully alongside a few created especially for the game. Structured like a really excellent piece of fan fiction, the game's key scenes smartly tie in with those from the movie - one even has you whacking Paulie Gatto in the infamous "leave the gun, take the cannoli" scene. The original dialogue is snappy and clever, and the MobFace feature - which lets you create your own unique mobster - helps make what's going on onscreen feel personal, no matter what the guys who keep insisting it's "just business" say.

While our version of the game was unfinished, it's hard to imagine that EA could do much to mess it up at this point. Assuming the rest of the game is as good as the chunk we've played so far, The Godfather is set to turn the car-crime genre on its ear.


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