The fast guide to Virtua Fighter 5

Want to kick ass without spending weeks practicing? We teach you how to throw down with three great characters

So you've got a shiny new copy of Virtua Fighter 5. You've heard everyone raving about it - "the deepest fighting game ever," "the best competitive fighter there is," et cetera. But you've probably also heard one thing that makes you uneasy: "Virtua Fighter is difficult to get into." They're not kidding. It can be a daunting task to break through that hard outer shell to reach the rich, creamy center of VF5. What's a complete noob to do?

Worry no more. In a few short pages, we'll destroy your fears with a guide to the characters that will make you invincible - at least to the other scrubs. Our key attacks will get you on your feet and start you on the long and fruitful road to ass-kicking mastery. Are you ready?

Note: Like anything, it takes practice to get good at Virtua Fighter. It's not something that you'll master overnight, or even within a month. Just like learning any martial art, it's a lengthy but rewarding journey. But every journey begins with a single step. In this case, that step leads directly into a face-kicking. We strongly recommend that once you've got these skills down, you make further use of the game's Dojo mode to practice and learn about the other attacks in your character's repertoire.

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