The Darkness

For starters, Jackie can create tentacles from the shadows - weird, we know, useful nonetheless. These tentacles can toss objects or people around like an MLB pitcher and even creep through small vents to take out unsuspecting enemies and unlock otherwise inaccessible doors. Still, as cool as that is, nothing beats the fun of summoning Jackie's imp-like henchmen, known as Darklings. These little guys come armed to the teeth with everything from hacksaws to jackhammers, and take a perverse glee in causing as much damage as possible to anyone hapless enough to get in their way.

Overall, The Darkness seems to progressing nicely since E3. The game's got a lot more polish than before, and many of its earlier wrinkles are getting ironed out rather nicely. Next-gen gamers looking for a twisted take on the standard shooter should be impressed when The Darkness creeps out of the shadows for the PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime next year.