The best dead things in videogames

Why should the living get all the attention?

Captain Price - Call of Duty 4

Notable for: Having the finest moustache that HD can muster. Having an agonisingly ambiguous "Is he?/Isn't he?" death. (He is. Probably) Being more heavily mourned than Aeris by certain GamesRadar editors.

Cubone's mother's skull - Pokemon series

Notable for: Being worn on her son's head as part of some hideous necro-oedipal nightmare. Warning us that behind the friendly exterior, Nintendo are a scary bunch of bastards.

Dry Bones - Super Mario series

Notable for: Being the coolest of all Koopa variants. Being utterly invulnerable unless swiped with a piece of yellow cloth. Not letting death stop him from scoring endless cheap goals in Mario Strikers: Charged.

Drowned Lara - Tomb Raider: Underworld

Notable for: Maintaining the tradition of great drowning animations in Tomb Raider games. Doing a bizarre head-banging animation for twenty seconds before eventually croaking.

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