The 9 most ridiculous things in Jaws Unleashed

Shark Week goes off the rails with 2006’s crazy masterpiece of awful

There’s just one problem: you have to chase them through an active aquatic minefield that Amity never bothered to clear.

While the rest of the entries on this list are standouts because they’re funny or entertaining, Taste of Blood is easily the most frustrating stage in the entire game. This is because all of those tightly grouped mines are on a hair trigger, and the ONLY way to get past them alive is to figure out which ones won’t trigger a chain reaction, and then knock them out by spitting barrels at them.

Again, how a shark would know which mines to defuse is anyone’s guess, but regardless, this is what happens if you accidentally trigger any of the others. And you will, over and over again:

On the other hand, this makes tracking the divers through the second half of the stage – a ship graveyard filled with rusting hulks and ancient wrecks – an absolute joy. Because after the hell those bastards just put you through, you’re guaranteed to relish tearing them to pieces.


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