Tenchu Z Easter Eggs

  • Victory Cheer!

    After completing a mission, hold Down just before you see the "Mission Completed" screen.
    Submitted by tommy

Tenchu Z Hints

  • More Powerful Hit

    Entry location: B-Heights
    Jump just before getting to someone and thrust down at them for a more powerful hit, also by holding down right bumper and then hitting, you get a powerful upper cut.
    Submitted by J-Dubs
  • Final Two Bosses

    Your ninja skills and abilities are the key to your success. If you want to beat the bosses at the end of level 50 with NO problem, make it a priority to purchase the skill "Drop 3". If you have Drop 3 and you are fighting the final bosses, or anyone else for that matter, here's what you do:

    1. Get some distance on your enemy and press and hold attack.
    2. Then get close, while locked on and standing (not crouching).
    3. Release attack and you will grab the enemy and slam him on his head. Now while he's down, recharge your attack, wait for him to stand up ... and release. It's that easy! Not a single enemy in the game is any match for this skill.
    Submitted by Johnny2Fingaz
  • Badger Kill (Quick Kills)

    Another great ninja strategy is something I like to call the Badger Kill. If you have unlocked the skill "Badger 1", don't be fooled by it's low level version, it's actually a very effective way to not only escape detection, but to perform high-speed stealth kills. At any point between the start of the run, to the point you start skidding to a stop, you can grab an unaware enemy by pressing attack just as you run into them. Don't be afraid of alerting him/her, they won't be able to react in time. (Your sword must be drawn). You can also line up the badger by clicking the right joystick and going into look mode.
    Submitted by Johnny2Fingaz
  • Situational Stealth Kill

    You may have realized that achieving situational stealth kills is rather difficult when you can't exactly time your attacks quite right; leading to disaster. A simple way to solve this problem is to merely knock out an enemy, draw your sword, and perform one with minimal effort. Oh, and do be sure to avoid killing while exposed; this will NOT work in alarm mode.
    Submitted by Lord_Drago

Tenchu Z Unlockables

  • Achievements

    Ninja 5 All Normal Missions (40) - Complete all normal missions with Ninja 5 rank!
    1 Secret Mission Cleared (20) - Clear 1 secret mission.
    10 Ninja 5 ranks (20) - Complete 10 missions with Ninja 5 rank!
    100 Stealth Kills (30) - Defeat 100 enemies with Stealth Kills!
    1000 Stealth Kills (50) - Defeat 1000 enemies with Stealth Kills!
    2 Secret Missions Cleared (20) - Clear 2 secret missions.
    20 Stealth Kills (20) - Defeat 20 enemies with Stealth Kills!
    3 Secret Missions Cleared (30) - Clear 3 secret missions.
    30 Ninja 5 ranks (20) - Complete 30 missions with Ninja 5 rank!
    300 Stealth Kills (30) - Defeat 300 enemies with Stealth Kills!
    4 Secret Missions Cleared (40) - Clear 4 secret missions.
    5 Secret Missions Cleared (50) - Clear 5 secret missions.
    50 Ninja 5 ranks (30) - Complete 50 missions with Ninja 5 rank!
    50 Stealth Kills (20) - Defeat 50 enemies with Stealth Kills!
    500 Stealth Kills (30) - Defeat 500 enemies with Stealth Kills!
    700 Stealth Kills (40) - Defeat 700 enemies with Stealth Kills!
    Cleared Story (50) - Clear the story.
    Killed 10 Tomikichi (20) - Kill 10 Tomikichi.
    Killed 20 Tomikichi (30) - Kill 20 Tomikichi.
    Killed 30 Tomikichi (30) - Kill 30 Tomikichi.
    Killed 40 Tomikichi (40) - Kill 40 Tomikichi.
    Killed 5 Tomikichi (20) - Kill 5 Tomikichi.
    Killed 50 Tomikichi (50) - Kill 50 Tomikichi.
    Mission 10 Cleared (20) - Clear up to mission 10.
    Mission 20 Cleared (30) - Clear up to mission 20.
    Mission 30 Cleared (30) - Clear up to mission 30.
    Mission 40 Cleared (40) - Clear up to mission 40.
    Mission 5 Cleared (20) - Clear up to mission 5.
    Mission 50 Cleared (50) - Clear up to mission 50.
    Ninja 5 All Easy Missions (30) - Complete all easy missions with Ninja 5 rank!
    Ninja 5 All Hard Missions (50) - Complete all hard missions with Ninja 5 rank!
    Submitted by popsicle
  • Unlock Army Costume

    Beat all missions on Hard and with Ninja 5 ratings.
    Submitted by r00t
  • Unlock Poodle Costume

    Entry location: Ninja Village
    Beat all missions with a female character on any difficulty.
    Submitted by LSF Yago
  • Unlock Special Costumes

    Eliminate 50 Tomikichi.
    Submitted by None

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More Info

Release date: Jun 12 2007 - Xbox 360 (US)
Available Platforms: Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Published by: Microsoft
Developed by: K2, From Software
Franchise: Tenchu
ESRB Rating:
Mature: Blood, Partial Nudity, Violence
PEGI Rating:
Rating Pending


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