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Tank Beat review

You'll welcome a dishonorable discharge from this army of pain

Your opponents might never develop anything resembling a strategy, content as they are to run away or attack at random, but their base stupidity can't compare to that of your supposed assistants. You can command buddies to follow, attack, or micromanage their movement, but you're usually better served telling them to idly defend some remote patch of dirt so their inevitable suicides don't prematurely end every mission. So much for teamwork and strategic depth.

Online multiplayer support could've put a lonely medal on Tank Beat 's hollow chest, but playing friends doesn't make basic movement any less tedious, and finding an adversary on the deserted network takes the patience of a saint. When the single-player campaign only offers a few meager hours of tedious line-drawing and bottom-drawer pyrotechnics, it's not hard to see why players are staying away in droves.

More Info

DescriptionUse a variety of tanks to crush your opponents in this touch-based battle game.
US censor ratingEveryone 10+
UK censor ratingRating Pending