Tabula Rasa

No elves were harmed in the making of this MMO

Tabula Rasa will further enhance this fresh combat system with "instanced" missions spawned specifically for your battalion. This mimics the team-based play found in the shooter Battlefield 1942, and instanced missions appear in almost every MMORPG, but it will be on a much more massive scale here.

Even the visual style is a departure from the MMO standard: the concept art is Ghostbusters meets Aliens, via the Blade Runner universe. Not an elf or fairy in sight. You'll get a good look at it, too: the HUD has been stripped away to a bare minimum; you'll be immersed in the world, not your inventory sheet.

So far, Tabula Rasa looks like a hotspot for a vacation from your fantasy addiction. This unholy fusion of two genres will likely spawn a massive 12-letter game-genre acronym along the lines of MMOFPSRPGBLB, but we're nonetheless intrigued to play it. We're dying to know whether Garriot's plan is crazy or genius.