Supreme Commander - Strategy Boot Camp, Day Two

Some basic tricks of the trade that every good Supreme Commander should know:

- Like in other RTS games, multiple engineers can build things much more quickly if they combine forces and build together. A good example is the experimentalUEF Mavor, which could take up to 830 minutes in real time to build with only one Tier 3 Engineer - adding several more speeds things up immensely.

- Don't forget that you can use your ACU (Armored Command Unit) to also assist the development of buildings and units. But what if your ACU is under heavy attack? Simply have him take a long walk off a short pier. Your big guy will be content to walk on the ocean floor, safe from a majority of threats.

- Engineers can harvest trees or rocks for Mass and Energy so set one or two to patrol over a heavily forested or rocky area for a little extra pick-up juice.

- If you're wondering how to bump up your allotted reserves of any resource, simply build a storage unit (Mass or Energy) near a particular resource production building for an adjacency bonus and a boost in your overall top-end reserves of that specific resource.

- This last trick is unsubstantiated, but have an engineer reclaim most of the Mass and/or Energy that you've spent on a building. A building's state of health has no effect on its ability to produce units, so it's a clever way to garner some extra resources. Just be sure to stop the reclamation before your engineer consumes the entire building.