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Super Robot Taisen W [import] review

Anime robot action are go


  • Mechs feel personal
  • Battles are pretty
  • Manga-y story


  • Not knowing Japanese
  • Doing math
  • Pretty repetitive

Being a mech with a brain the size of a planet isn%26rsquo;t all it%26rsquo;s cracked up to be, especially when you keep getting attacked by other robots whose brains seem distinctly smaller. How can you tell? Simple. They can%26rsquo;t even manage the rudimentary math that would tell them taking on your 4,000-odd HP with the strength of 215 isn%26rsquo;t a very good idea. Not that we were complaining about that once 100 enemy mechs appeared on our DS screen all at once.

The manga-y animations for the actual attacks are quite flashy, if kiddy, with the %26lsquo;bots slashing and brandishing knives around like nobody%26rsquo;s business, lending this robo-strategy the weight of personality. Still, get past the graphics and it all comes down to adding up numbers - which is actually quite a relief, given that every single menu option%26rsquo;s in Japanese.

More Info

DescriptionA robot-fightin' game that's fun to play, but it just feels a bit young and insubstantial, like one of the extras on The OC.
Available platforms:DS
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