Super Mario Galaxy reviewed

Euro mag rates Mario's first Wii adventure

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Oct 1, 2007

Super Mario Galaxy, in case you didn't already know, will be brilliant. Even the so-called 'disappointing' Mario Sunshine was stilla fantastic game - so Galaxy, with Wii's new technology and a hefty time spent in development, is surely going to be great. In fact, it definitely is great, according to Belgian gaming mag Gunk who've just given Mario's space-adventure a healthy 92/100.

This world-first review lists the game's good points as 'It's the same Mario' and 'Colour palette', while struggling to come up with any bad parts, aside from Galaxy not being a Wii launch game. You want the full run down? Well, here it is in full confusing number form:

Graphics : 18/20
Sound : 17/20
Value : 9/10
Gameplay 48/50

So that's 92/100. Eagle eyed forumites from NeoGaf were first to spot the early reviewage, though the collectivetypers are now speculating if Gunk actually played the full game or simply a demo.

Now, GamesRadar isn't in the business of discrediting fellow journos, but it's clearly very difficult to believe that a) Nintendo bestowed an earth-shattering exclusive on an obscure mag, b) Said obscure mag refrained from splashing said exclusive on mag cover, c) Said obscure mag then chose to run said exclusive on a single tiny page, with no new screens.

True or false? Who cares? Mario Galaxy is going to be brilliant, we guarantee it. (Not a guarantee).

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