Suda51s Black Knight Sword has new screenshots and trailer

Grasshopper's next offers “simple yet addictive and challenging gameplay,” just like the old days

Not content to dose the water supplies of modern genres with hallucinogens and performance-enhancing stimulants, Grasshopper's Suda51 is turning his hand to old-time games where you only have two dimensions to move within and both of them are bastard hard. Black Knight Sword promises “A throwback to the classic platformers for the 8 and 16-bit era of games,” offering “a fresh, modern and interactive interpretation of a dark fantasy fairy tale” of chivalry, nightmares and “eye-catching environments full of curious-looking creatures.” The trailer manages to go almost 30 seconds before confusion sets in.

Luckily, a few screenshots make things a little clearer, demonstrating a reticulated 2D look that may intend to evoke shadow-puppet theater, or might just be done like Paper Mario or Symphony of the Night. Either way, looks kind of like the side-on shooter sequences from the Suda-produced Shadows of the Damned, no?

The game has no release date yet, but will join the ranks of spruced-up 2D platformers on XBLA and PSN when it's done.

Aug 22, 2011