Stranglehold takes place in both Chicago and Hong Kong, offering shootouts inside restaurants, marketplaces, and swanky multi-level penthouses. But while Midway's taking a lot of time to build a realistic and tactile world, the programmers are spending even more time tearing it down with a trademarked system called Massive D. The D stands for destructibility, because all those bullets you fire have to land somewhere - and when they do, something's going to shatter. Crouch behind a column for protection and incoming shots will chip away at your cover until there's truly nowhere left to hide. Blast away at bad guys in the Hong Kong marketplace and you'll see carts of fresh fruit explode into splinters. Best of all, if you survive your gun battles, the remnants remain; you'll be able to walk through the war zone and inspect every last piece of debris. Be thankful they don't send you a bill.