Sony reveals Socom 4 "victory dances"

The only thing more important than dominating the other team in a high-intensity FPS is whether or not you can gloat over your kills with a humiliating dance animation. To that end, Sony has released a new video of Socom 4, which is due out April 19, that showcases the multiple "victory dances." Simply hit the circle button when standing over a dead body and you'll perform one of more than a dozen random dances.

The various dances include "The Chicken," "The Robot," and "The Crane." Check out the video for yourself:

An open beta for PlayStation Plus subscribers begins March 22, with all PSN users gaining access on April 5. You'll be able to test out the victory dances then. Oh, and the rest of the game too.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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Mar 16, 2011




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