Silent Hill V

There is something lurking deep in the mist

When everyone heard that The Collective was knee deep in dev time on Konami%26rsquo;s fifth frightener in the classic creeping mist series, Silent Hill, a few eyebrows were raised.

Taking a few elements from the slightly duff Christophe Gans film, including liquefying walls and floors, Silent Hill V stars lone hero Alex; a 22-year-old scared combat veteran recovering from a war wound in a military hospital. One spooky visit from a warped vision of his infant brother and Alex is on his way to his hometown of Shepard%26rsquo;s Glen in New England in search of the boy only to find his mother a catatonic mess and the small town swamped in the mysteriously eerie fog. Spooky stuff, and all very in keeping with past entries in the series.

With a bunch of regulars returning, including those scalpel-wielding nurses, along with some new creatures including Siam, a mutated mess of male and female organs just begging to haunt your weirdest dreams, and a beastie called Smog, who vomits gas and seeps boil puss, this latest fear foray is going to terrorize anyone with a weak disposition.

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