Scarface: The World is Yours hands-on

We finally get to dispense insults and bullets as Tony Montana

Tearing our way through the rest of the mansion was an intense, visceral experience, with cartel goons practically exploding with blood as we hammered them with Tony's shuddering M-60. Holding down the insult button sent us into Blind Rage, a red-tinted first-person mode that not only gave us invincibility and unlimited ammo, but restored our health a little with every enemy we gunned down.

Tony's mansion didn't get off easy, either, as stray shots shattered furniture and tore apart walls. Luckily, players will be able to renovate it later with buyable "Exotics" like ugly statues and stuffed tigers, which Tony can simply carry around and place anywhere in the mansion.

Throughout the ordeal, aiming was a breeze; like in a first-person shooter, Tony has a little targeting cursor that's onscreen whenever he's got a gun drawn. To better aim at individual body parts - gonads, say - we were able to lock on and use the analog stick to move the cursor around with more finesse.


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