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Total Film was on-set of Wrath Of The Titans , and we caught up with Perseus himself, Sam Worthington, to find out more about the swords and sandals and whopping great monsters epic.

Given the lukewarm response to Clash Of The Titans , audiences may need some convincing if they’re to go on another ride with Perseus.

But Wrath is set 10 years on, and Worthington’s convinced that the team have the story elements cracked this time around.

“It’s about a dysfunctional family,” he explains. “You’ve got a guy – a son – that doesn’t like his Dad. His real Dad. And his real Dad is having problems with his brothers. The son has his own son now, his own family and his own responsibility, and it’s about keeping the family together.

“That’s basically how we looked at it. Then you thrown in a shit-load of monsters and special effects and you should have a good movie.”

Worthington was also keen to emphasise the physical nature of Perseus’ struggle: “[ Me and director Jonathan Liebesman ] are both fans of movies where the hero is not only reluctant but can get beat up a lot more,” says the Avatar star.

“If you look at things like Die Hard and Lethal Weapon , the main hero got his arse handed to him. And we went, ‘Even though Perseus is half-god, he’s also half-human, and if you keep knocking the hero down he struggles a lot more’. In the first one Perseus is a bit of a superhuman and he doesn’t seem to get hurt. In this one, he gets hurt all the time. That was something we strove for.”

Wrath Of The Titans
opens on 30 March 2012.

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