Rumour Mill: Goonies 2 a reality again?

Goonies 2 is one of those “vaporware” sequels that are often talked about, constantly said to be in development and yet never actually seem to materialise. That said, a new Indiana Jones film was in the same category for years, and look what happened there.

And the Goonies-fever is heating back up again thanks to Corey Feldman and the lads over at Moviehole . Scroll down for fearless MH leader Clint’s latest coffee-assistant column and you’ll find their talk of sources pointing to a new eagerness at Warner Bros for the film. Apparently it won’t suffer a straight-to-DVD fate, but will emerge with a decent release.

We’ll believe it when we see it, but Goonies fans might want to start praying to that Chunk statuette they picked up at the market again.


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