Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI - hands-on

Koei's Romance of the Three Kingdoms games haven't changed greatly over the years. The series has excelled at offering deep and addictive turn-based strategy with high replay value. The series has also pretty much sucked at offering anything resembling modern production values. While the latest game in the series, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI, purports to offer improved graphics and a unique real-time action mode, it's really more of the same. If you're a fan of the plodding gameplay this type of game offers then you'll most likely love it. If you're not then don't expect this game to convert you.

Romance XI takes place in the waning days of the Han Dynasty, when China was nearly destroyed through civil war. You control one or more feudal lords in a variety of scenarios. The gameplay is a deluge of micromanagement. You'll have to recruit, train, and arm troops. You'll have to build new additions to your land to obtain additional weapons, soldiers, armaments, and more. You'll have to exercise diplomacy with your neighbors and attack your enemies. All the while you'll need to make sure you have enough gold and food to run your fiefdom. It's a slow affair of turn-based strategy with an old-school feel.


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