Rogue Warrior

While it's still the early days for this FPS based on the experience of best-selling author and hugely-bearded ex-Navy SEAL, Richard Marcinko, the footage we’ve seen suggests big-ish things. Playing as Marcinko himself, you’re sent on a covert mission behind enemy lines in scary old Communist North Korea - when war breaks out with the South you must lead your SEAL unit to safety through the hostile land.

Following the Rainbow Six route to tactical, team-based combat, it veers off that route when it comes to the locations you’ll be shooting up. Rogue Warrior has some of the biggest environments we’ve seen in any FPS ever - a world away from the dark, claustrophobic corridors we’re used to - and they provide the perfect back-drop for massive-scale carnage. Aside from the story-driven single-player adventure, expect a big focus on Xbox Live play, including on-the-fly co-op for up to four players and a map creator.

Could be a biggie, this. Check back for more info in the coming weeks.


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