Rick and Morty season 3: nine questions I need answered about imprisoned Rick, Evil Morty, and Mr Poopybutthole

Now that the end of 2016 is in sight, I can feel the gentle breeze of bated breath from Rick and Morty fans as season 3 of Rick and Morty will be airing soon, especially since Dan Guterman, one of the writers, recently tweeted than he was officially "done" with it.

Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon said at a recent panel that season 3 will have 14 episodes and told Den of Geek that in regards to the imprisoned Rick, "things should be okay pretty quickly", which hopefully means a quick escape is on the cards. Huzzah! If your appetite needs whetting there’s also this season 3 exclusive clip from this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Take a glance at it below! 

At the moment I’m waiting for answers to a ton of questions, as season 2 left us with the fallout from Birdperson’s wedding to Tammy, who turns out was an undercover intergalactic federal agent (gasp). After escaping, Rick had a change of heart and handed himself in for the good of Morty, Summer, Beth, and Jerry, who were sent back to earth. These are only some the questions I have, not least of them being where on earth I can get a plumbus (actually, nevermind that, I don't know what to use it for anyway). 

1. How is imprisoned Rick going to escape?

Because he’s got to get out of that insanely high-security prison, right? Our favourite Rick from dimension C-137 is in federal prison at the moment not for murder, or treason, or robbery, but for ‘everything’. That’s a lot of crime. There’s plenty of other Ricks who season 3 could latch on to instead of continuing the story with Rick C-137 - and who knows, maybe Harmon and Roiland will throw us a curveball and do exactly that - but I’m quite attached to this particular alcoholic, burping, messed-up Rick who will pick a fight with anyone and anything.

2. Where’s Evil Morty?

Evil Morty is ripe for another appearance. The first two seasons of Rick and Morty don’t have an arc apart from the discreet Birdperson-Tammy storyline, so maybe they’ll mix it up in season 3 and introduce Evil Morty as the villain. My pet theory is that he’ll be the one to save Rick from prison… but I bet Morty would have something to say about his grandad being snapped up by a Morty from an alternate dimension who is smarter, sneakier, and more resourceful than he is.

3. Is Mr Poopybutthole going to reappear?

Now that he’s recovering from his bullet wound and chugging pain killers like there’s no tomorrow, I really hope we get a chance to be a fly on the wall when Mr Poopybutthole gets reintroduced to Beth. He’s the closest thing in Rick and Morty to a truly innocent, kind character, which makes me slightly wary of getting too attached to him. Although the fact that he’s dependent on a variety of medicinal substances now probably means that he’ll fit in just fine with the dysfunctional Smith family. 

4. What’s Tammy up to?

Credited with being at the centre of a government mission that led to Rick being caught by the Galactic Federation, Tammy is at the top of her game. What will happen to her now? I doubt the Galactic Federation will leave the Smith family alone, and Rick has the potential to be a goldmine of information about other illicit activities - not that he’d give any information up willingly. I can think of a lot of four-letter words he’d say before even contemplating the idea of selling anyone out.

5. What happens to Earth now it’s part of the Intergalactic Federation?

The end of The Wedding Squanchers shows that Earth is already swarming with alien tourists visiting this shiny new planet as now it’s part of the Galactic Federation. What happens now? Life for Morty, Summer, Beth, and Jerry (my least favourite of the lot, unsurprisingly) is definitely going to change. Plus a lot of people who are affected by Rick’s actions - whether it’s the insect-like guards who get massacred almost every episode, or the other guests at the marriage counselling outpost - might have a bone to pick with the Smith family. 

6. What happened to Squanchy?

In The Wedding Squanchers, Squanchy goes all Bruce Banner and hulks up into a muscled, beastly version of himself and wreaks havoc on the Galactic Federation’s foot soldiers as Rick makes his getaway. I didn’t see him shot down in the subsequent bulletstorm which leads me to ponder: what happened to him? The cold nudge of cynicism in me wants to think he’s as dead as a dodo (or Birdperson), but he might be in prison or in hiding. Wherever he is, I want to see a glimpse of him in all his squanchy glory, plus if he’s alive he joins the ranks of people who might free Rick from prison.

7. Is Morty going to turn violent again?

In Look Who’s Purging Now, Morty went over the edge a little bit. When I say ‘a little bit’ I mean he mows down dozens of cat people with the laser guns mounted on his wrists, and pushes an elderly cat man down the stairs in anger, then shouts at his corpse. Rick shrugs off the violent spree by saying it was caused by eating a chocolate bar containing an violence-inducing chemical called Purgenol, but upon closer inspection the chocolate bar was revealed to be Purgenol-free. So Morty might rediscover his bloodthirsty side and be a disturbingly efficient means of freeing Rick. 

8. Why on earth is Rick so scared of the corn on the cob planet?

I’m not expecting a coherent answer to this question, but it still confounds me. Why on earth is the sight of that planet where everything is on a cob - the birds, the mountains, strawberries, even cells - so terrifying to Rick? Not that I think this will be a bit plot point for season 3, but I’m curious enough about it to have thought about it quite a bit. Do you turn into a cob if you stay on that planet long enough, like that corncob crime programme in the Rixty Minutes episode? 

9. Why does Rick list Jerry’s dimension as N/A?

A Reddit user spotted that at the Jerryboree centre (basically a giant babysitting centre for Jerrys) in Mortynight Run Jerry’s dimension is listed as ‘N/A’ whereas Rick writes that his is ‘C-137’. Why isn’t Jerry’s dimension the same as Rick’s? Maybe Rick is trying to lose Jerry intentionally, as putting down N/A would make it difficult to match him back up with Rick and Morty when they come to pick him up. Or after the Cronenberg disaster Rick might not be sure which dimension he and Morty ended up in.

If you’re hankering for a glimpse our favourite dysfunctional duo to tide you over until season 3 appears, watch this video of a real court case in Georgia getting the Rick and Morty treatment. 

Until season 3 comes out, I’m going to parrot one of Rick’s many catchphrases: wubbalubbadubdub (translation: I am in great pain, please help me). 


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