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  • StevenClark24 - June 21, 2014 6:53 a.m.

    Well we don't want lost Resident Evil series because everyone want this they need to make some changes for Resident Evil 7 more Zombies and horror puzzles. They need to create new enemy,monsters like Resident Evil Revelations and 4.They need to add Raccoon city more mysterious places and puzzles horror sounds. All those people who said 5 and 6 are bad its doesn't matter everybody still want. We need to some features like silent hill fogs some places darkness limited ammo but lots of various weapons big item box.They also need to add some features and stories like Resident evil movies. we want all characters in resident evil 7 Barry.Rebecca,Jill.Leon.... On Resident Evil 7 they need to create investigation missions like Resident Evil Revelations.and more puzzles.blood sample.find the keys etc..gun powder like Resident Evil 3 Albert Wesker: he's the boss of resident evil series and he's the one who merged with virus they need to add him on every part and don't add any mission to kill wesker. Resident Evil is still on the top on survival games they don't need to stop this series.
  • achaius - June 14, 2014 4:45 p.m.

    I have to say this has been an inspiring read! The idea of a player created character in a survival horror would be amazing. Having been a fan of the genre since the get-go, I can say with all honesty that, based upon what you've said, you guys should pick up Unity ort the Unreal Engine (or go and work for Capcom or Konami) as you would certainly get this gem of a genre back on track... Incidentally, I think combat in survival horror can be done well, but only if it manages to keep the atmosphere going. In that sense, I think Fatal Frame (aka Project Zero) did it really well. Crimson Butterfly is still, to me, the scariest game I ever played, haha. Oh, and I know a lot of people do this, but since your ideas for fixing Resi Evil 7 were so well thought out, I mentioned this post in my blog about how to save Survival Horror as a genre, rather than just the one game! :D
  • the_kiiid - June 13, 2014 7:27 p.m.

    um...Resident Evil doesn't need to be saved... saying it needs to be saved implies it isn't selling, which is Cash-com's sole concern. its still a star franchise that sells quite well....its just that we who remember the golden years have a hard time letting go.......LET GO. The Simpsons aren't going to get as good as they once were and neither is resident time goes on things degrade ..the brilliant visionaries who once inscribed these classics on our hearts and minds move one.....welcome to LIFE. "Leading to the ludicrous excesses of Resident Evil 6's bloated, globe-trotting, five-protagonist, apocalyptic 'epic'. And something like that is about as far from an effective horror scenario as you'll ever get" This Statement seems intelligent, appropriate and well thought out...but its nawt...far from it. Why? Because its an ACTION game.....that statement simply doesn't apply to an ACTION game that has NO interest in being a HORROR game....that's like criticizing and apple for not being an orange...ITS NOT TRYING TO BE AN ORANGE! "citrus skin is about as far from an effective apple scenario as you'll ever get" the ludicrous excesses of Resident Evil 6's bloated, globe-trotting, five-protagonist, apocalyptic 'epic approach may not work for a horror vibe........I agree..HOWEVER I think its painfully clear capcom has loooong since abandoned horror. 5 protagonist glob-trotting mayhem works EXTREMELY WELL for an ACTION franchise...which is what resident evil has become. FOR those of you who REFUSE to read the memo... The fact is..Resident Evil is far from...."CRISIS " how dramatic... its just not what it once was. I admit this is a bummer BUT at-least the games are fun as hell!. Dino crisis was in true "CRISIS"..probably should have went the action route in retrospect. you want to talk about "CRISIS"??? - Lost Planet.... - Devil May Cry.....seriously Dante was one of the coolest characters in gaming history and Capcom let some 3rd party turn him into a castrated emo hermaphrodite. (Identity CRISIS is more like it) Resident Evil may have changed genres but at-least they kept their characters intact for the most part. (which do their part in preserving some of the spirit of yesteryear) - Silent Hill - this franchise is still TRYING to call its self horror....this is a great example of a title in "CRISIS". so to all of you Resident Evil peter pans out there....Grow up. its OVER... because if you keep fighting for a RE horror title..this is whats going to happen... Capcom will eventually hear you and make it.... IT WILL BE know this. because allllllllllll of the original team members who worked on the classics AREN'T THERE.. and this wouldn't be that big an issue if Capcom maintained brand image/integrity. However titles like Devil may Cry, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 prove Capcom has ZERO interest in brand image and consistency...unless its Street Fighter where they'll at-least try and achieve a superficial likeness but ultimately fail to resurrect and evolve that retro intangible substance. And so after your hopeful horror resident evil fails that will be the last resident evil game, because fans are gonna swarm sites like this and vomit allll over it under articles like this. and Capcom isn't going to know what to do.....just like dino crisis... just like lost planet ...and that will be it... RIP RE. so please..shut up and get over it.while the game is still fun. we don't need another Sonic. articles like this shouldn't exist anymore, the topic is played out ..MOVE ON.
  • GammaRed - June 2, 2014 9:20 p.m.

    I love the RE franchise. I think RE games are still quite solid but definitely need innovation. This article brought up some great ideas though I disagree completely about dropping narrative and characters. The characters and the lore are really an important part of Resident Evil. Chris (roid biceps & all), Jill, Leon, Claire are extremely popular and well received. Making the player an everyman is simply a bad idea. RE is about facing threats ordinary people can't possibly handle. It's plausible normal people could hold out against slow, stupid zombies & gradually learn to wield weapons and conventional firearms effectively against them -- but doing that against the incredibly lethal B.O.W's is out of the question. Actual combat training is a bare minimum requirement for survival against most of the non-zombie enemies in RE. Having a civilian character that is former military or law enforcement like Billy Cohen could work. But average John/Jane Doe? No way. Anyways here's what I'd the like from the next RE game. Some of it overlaps with the article but I go into some specifics: -Have more contained environments but make still make then large and open-ended. One of the enjoyable things about earlier RE games is being in locations like the mansion and having multiple doors/floors available to explore from the start. And you dreaded having to go back to certain areas where you knew enemies were lurking. Some rooms were locked or barred, but the layout encouraged exploration & backtracking in a less linear way than the levels from RE4 onwards which often seem to have you moving along a set path. - Creepy Environments. I see how this is kind of difficult being that RE is set in the present day where modern laboratories and office buildings fit easier into the science fiction-y plot than creepy mansions. Labs and office buildings can be pretty scary -- but they can't match the eeriness the old paintings, decaying antiques & stuffed animal heads in the mansion provided. They've been clever about re-creating this type environment in the games though. The police station in RE2 and castle in RE4 both had similar atmosphere. They can think of something suitably gothic for RE7 -Better enemy A.I. Like article mentioned, enemies need to be more of a threat but just raising their damage output is more likely to be more frustrating than an actual challenge. Enemies need to be more varied & less predictable. Next-gen hardware could do wonders for that. Imagine entire levels where all enemies are loaded at once (instead of being loaded when the player enters certain room) and can wander about freely making encounters more random and different each play through. Roaming packs of mutated dogs that can track your scent without you being in sight. Zombies that hear gunfire and notice your flashlight through windows, that can knock down doors and tear through fences, not just during scripted events but anytime. Hunters and lickers that are more evasive -- maybe even retreating when they take enough damage -- only to attack later when you're searching desperately for an herb! - Keep QTE events to a minimum. Press B to dodge an attack? Fine. No mashing A while rotating the joystick for 5min straight to pull myself up from a cliff ledge. -More puzzles! Not just finding which amulet needs be placed in the statue to the open door. Actual forensics. Details about the room, tracks, blood samples. The player should be able to place things like this together in order to progress. RE Revelations was on the right track with the Genesis tool. Also, things like hacking and mixing formulas can be made into minigame puzzles (like Bioshock). - No parasite-type enemies. Ganados. Majini. J'avo. They were cool, but they aren't scary anymore. Really a lot of enemies are humanoid, which makes sense because most of the virus infected are human, but they could get freakier with the mutations.
  • solbro14 - May 30, 2014 10:41 p.m.

    This was a very well put together brainstorming piece for what could be done to get the series back up to snuff, thank you. I agree with almost everything, although there are some differences. I don't know that it needs a reboot... yet. A lot of the suggestions you mentioned could still be successfully implemented, without clearing the board. There is a ton of lore in RE that can still be explored, before doing a reboot. I know it couldn't be a RE7 plot, but what about the events in the woods, prior to RE1? People were being found murdered out there, which is what set off the events to RE1. I've always thought it would be a spooky story to have a character caught in the woods. Maybe add some kind of werewolf creatures.... They need to drop all the "bio-weapon" (I agree entirely on how that term took the steam out of the horror. It went from encountering monsters, to being something more akin to hunting down "terrorists" around the world..that happened to have tentacle arms), and "BSAA" (I hate that concept as much as "bio weapon", for the same reasons) garbage, and get back to a vulnerable person isolated in a terrifying situation. This isn't GI Joe traveling the world to fight a "war on bio-terror", this is supposed to be horror. And it's not that hard to make a game frightening. Isolation, as you mentioned, would be very effective. This series has struck gold in that area on a number of occasions in the scary department. Bring back the concept of Crimson Heads. Not the goofy, wobbling pink-putty versions from RE6, but the brutal, animalistic ones from RE Remake. Even in a RE4/5/6 control scheme, those would be terrifying if they came screeching down a hallway at you. Add some modern graphical power, like them tearing savagely at doors / window blinds, and good Lord...Regenerators in RE4 were frightening with their raspy breathing and sudden movements. The window shutters giving way in the police station in RE2 scared me so bad as a kid I turned it off for a few days. So much potential for horror to play with...makes me wish Capcom had a suggestion box. Anyway, just wanted to chime in and let you know I agree with most all of your suggestions, or at least think they're pointing in the right direction for the series. Now, if only Capcom would read this....
  • cameron-radaszewski - May 8, 2014 5:43 p.m.

    My favorite is RE5, it was tense, action packed, but also scared the heck out of me. And they did the story and characters perfectly, along with the setting of emptied African shanties. 4 was great as well, but having a buddy to blast the creatures back is always my favorite. I hope they make 7 like 4 and 5 with co op. Also please, and this is to everyone, stop wanting EVERYTHING to be like DARK souls!!!!!
  • Tidus0203 - May 8, 2014 4:59 p.m.

    Lol they dont need fewer enemies, this is not outlast or amnesia where you have no means to defend yourself with. you always had a arsenal of enemies to deal with since the first game. RE6 may had a non forward story, but as a game i enjoyed it very much. and no matter what capcom does with RE7 people will hate on it anyways. at least that's how i see it. ill get it either way it goes since i love every entry in the series besides dead aim cause you don't get that many 3rd person games features zombies that actually want to eat you and not claw at you like rapid humans from those 28 days later movies. Cant wait to see how re7 is gonna be and how the story will turn out, but most importantly, what creatures ill be facing this time :D
  • loveone-piece - May 8, 2014 4:38 p.m.

    I agree the most with make it about survival and not wining, but I think it doesn't have enough enemies but the ones they have are similar, also either a player made char or just a big change in Leones life which makes him act different than before :D
  • LordGoomy - May 4, 2014 11:49 a.m.

    These are all great points that really sound like a good design for an excellent horror game. This article is describing a game that does not sound like Resident Evil at all. Seriously, the campiness, main characters, and world are kind of what Resident Evil is known for at this point (besides 4's game-changing implementation of the third-person behind-the-shoulder perspective). The series has had more non-traditional "horror" entries than it has actual horror-based ones. If you're going to design a game that discards just about everything about Resident Evil, from the story and characters to the basic gameplay, why even bother calling it Resident Evil anymore? People are clearly excited for games like The Evil Within despite TEW not being an existing franchise, so if Capcom makes a game like the one described here, they would probably be better off just building a new horror IP and starting a powerful new franchise from there. The Resident Evil brand does not need to be "saved" with a return to horror. That's not because I think the series is in good health (the reception to 6 and Operation Raccoon City speaks for itself), but because this is a series that has had 6 main entries and a ton of spinoffs. If, after that many games, you've reached the point where the only way forward is a reboot so hard that it wipes everything that the series is off the table, it might just be time to end the series.
  • MarkBlack - May 3, 2014 9:58 a.m.

    Impossible to please everyone. Even back in 1998 When I started playing the games my friends didn't like them because of the I hope Capcom will make RE7 AND another one that will satisfy the old school fans. RE6 along with Operation Raccoon City was a slap in the face to me. I gotta say though, RE outbreak was alot of fun because you play with 3 other guys at the same time.
  • Masq - May 3, 2014 5:21 a.m.

    Out of all the game that are numbered the one I least like was 4, not because of the story or anything of that nature, I just hated the control themes. As for the games 5-6, I didn't find them bad at all. I just wish we could do something more in raccoon city. revisit that somehow.

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