RealPlay Golf review

  • Motion sensing peripheral
  • Challenging courses
  • Nice sensitivity when putting
  • Swing sensitivity way off
  • Doesn't feel like real golf
  • Actually a step backwards in tech

Jan 8, 2008

In2Game’s first peripheral/golf game bundle Real World Golf was justly praised for its responsive peripheral (the glove-based Gametrak) and acting somewhat as a teaching tool for the real thing. And yet, two years later, here’s RealPlay Golf, fundamentally the same game as Real World Golf, only now with a less intuitive, less sensitive peripheral. It’s a massive step backwards.

The courses themselves are well planned and present some dastardly challenges; it’s just a shame you have to use the peripheral to traverse them. Its unbalanced response to the force of your swing is infuriating - though the club does become slightly more sensitive on low-impact shots, particularly putting. Still, the feel of the club is so far removed from the real thing that anyone hoping to improve their swing will be exactly that - left hoping.

More Info

Nov 30 2007 - PS2 (UK)
Available Platforms: PS2
Genre: Sports


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