Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - multiplayer hands-on

The last map, a convention center with rows upon rows of networked computers, was a direct reference to E3 and Major League Gaming. The last mode was Total Conquest, in which two teams compete to capture a series of satellites spread throughout the building. The tide of battle has constant ebb and flow, as one group is rarely in the lead for long. As soon as you've managed to capture one station, you'll discover the other guys were just as busy recapturing another. If this match type sounds a little familiar, you may have already played it as part of the downloadable expansion content for the original game.


In fact, a lot of our time with Rainbow Six Vegas 2's multiplayer was "familiar." You may have noticed we used the word to describe every one of these new match types. You can shoot through thin walls now. You can sprint for short distances. You can earn special experience for pulling off head shots or wiping out multiple foes at once. But overall, this second title is reminding us more of an expansion pack than of a true sequel.

Hopefully, the single player and coop will feature more evolution. We'll have first impressions on them later this month. Until then, check out Total Conquest on Convention Center below.

Feb 8, 2008