Not since Missile Command had you pointing rockets and Frogger gave you command of your own traffic-dodging amphibian has a game title been so damned literal. Namco Bandai’s QuickSpot has you doing just that; quickly spotting exactly which thing ain’t like the other. As two similar pictures appear on both screens, your job is finding what’s different. The game turns you and your stylus into arbiters of normalcy, using the mighty circle as your only weapon against the tyranny of the divergent.

Sure that last statement is not without its hyperbole, but it’s easy to oversimplify a game where all you do is draw circles. QuickSpot’s charm derives from its pick-up-and-play style, and with a madcap pace that makes WarioWare seem like chess, the game is anything but simple. Your success will be judged not only by how fast, but how accurately you recognize and differentiate the visual abnormalities. Mastering all five areas of criteria is vital to your unlocking of those coveted minigames you can play with up to eight friends.

QuickSpot shakes things up a bit with varying ways of carrying out your spherical objective. The means you'll be using the touch pad in all the ways the DS was made to, such as frantically rubbing the screen or blowing pesky, picture obscuring leaves from one screen to another.

The quirky art style ranges from cute to hilarious, and sometimes - downright gorgeous. There’s an impressive showing of characters from the Namco Bandai stable. You’ll spot Pac-Man, Klonoa, Ridge Racer, Mr. Driller, and hey - are those the boys from Katamari Damacy?

Puzzles, memory games and even a daily fortune round out QuickSpot ’s pleasantly peculiar offerings. Look for the game when it streets sometime this March.


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