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Puzzle Quest 2 review

This time it's polygonal


  • AI is fairer and less lucky
  • Pummel tiles add cool weaponry
  • Attractive isometric map


  • Viewing mana is a pain
  • Navigating the map is clunky
  • Character sound bites are lame

After the giddy heights of the original Puzzle Quest, Infinite Interactive has released ever-lazier rehashes of the same %26lsquo;match-three puzzle meets RPG%26rsquo; idea. But Puzzle Quest 2 is billed as a straight sequel to the first game, so has some of that original spark been rekindled? Kind of%26hellip;

As this is a sequel any similarities are forgiven. You still play a generic RPG character and you still fulfill quests by matching colored tokens on a grid. As in Galactrix, minigames for treasure-finding, lock-picking and the like now play a part, adding some variety but not cropping up with the numbing regularity they did in the series%26rsquo; space-based outing. Thankfully, the AI is less unfairly lucky than before, and new %26lsquo;pummel%26rsquo; tiles let you use powerful weapons as well as spells. So what%26rsquo;s the problem?

Well, the aesthetic changes have spoiled things somewhat. The attractive isometric map is clunky to navigate with your pseudo-3D character, and you don%26rsquo;t get a sense of the scale of the game world. A decent script is ruined by lame sound bites for each character, and the revamped top screen makes it harder to see how much mana you%26rsquo;ve collected in battle. Another battle-related gripe is that you now have to pull up a menu to see how much mana you need for each spell, which slows things down a little.

These may sound like minor problems but they%26rsquo;ve made Puzzle Quest feel a bit laborious, which is a shame when the core game has actually been improved. Also, with Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes lighting up our lives, the Quest formula feels a little tired. But we%26rsquo;ll give it an extra point for the inclusion of an evil gelatinous cube.

Jul 20, 2010

More Info

Description<p>The sequel to the sleeper hit of a couple years ago is finally on its way to XBLA. Here's hoping they've got some new tricks to go with the original's awesome gameplay.</p>
PlatformXbox 360, DS
US censor ratingEveryone 10+, Everyone 10+
UK censor rating12+, 12+
Release date:30 June 2010 (US), 30 June 2010 (UK)
Available platforms:DS
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