• databroker - March 22, 2010 3:55 p.m.

    this is certainly a problem and not the scratched disc that Micro or Sony are putting out. 10 hours in on disc 2 - freezing randomly between 30 seconds and 10 mins. Unplayable. No scrathes, 360 is well ventilated - there is no problem on any other game or with any other service. Clearly FFXIII is overworking some component on some machines.
  • blakekrikorian - March 22, 2010 3:10 a.m.

    PS3 Crash/Freeze, then no longer recognizing disc. i have an older PS3 (4 usb ports, memory card slots) manufactured in March 2007. have had zero problems with other games...just finished batman earlier today as example. game started up fine the first time....then froze after the first battle. after power cycling the ps3, the ff xiii disc no longer shows up...all other games work fine. nasty.
  • TrueNeverborn - March 21, 2010 2:41 p.m.

    I have a 80GB ps3 bought new from Sears May 10 '09. (For those of us with difficulties, It's not even a year old) I work quite a bit so on average play only at night, with plenty of cold air flow and clock maybe around 20hrs-30hrs on a good week. (so figure It has ran for 8hrs max at a time and has been used for 800+hrs) And I have MAYBE 10hrs into FFXIII. That all being said I experienced a freeze after a battle (IE: Music stops and battle never actually finishs) controller would not respond and as I had played 8hrs at this point I thought it prudent to shutdown. Removed power cord and placed in a open well ventelated area. (Assumed I had simply played to long, tho I have never had it freeze before this) Next day I plug in, boot up play for 30 mins it get a freeze before a battle (Screen goes black, battle never loads). Again no controller response, restart, reboot. I play for 1.5hrs and just as I finish a quick grinding session freeze as I'm finishing battle. (Battle result screen clears and shows defeating character profile before fade out and freeze) Game has NO scratches, or smudges. I tend to only grab my discs from sides or through hole, and more often then not put them directly into their case (though sometimes I'll use another PS3 case) FFXIII disc wouldn't show up in drive, so I turned off and let it cool. turned back on, reinserted disc, came up corrupted. Restart, reinsert, TA-DA! game appears and won't load past white "Square-Enix" screen. AFter reading the forums I tested out my other games and I now have a glorified messaging paperweight. Onlt thing that works properly is PSN Messaging. Games tend to present one of several errors or Freeze the PS3 up at first loading screen.(Dragon Age freezes where you have the white screen with a Blood Dragon smear and a photo within the blood) Even the browser presents graphical errors when loaded and used. Scrolling is suddenly extremly choppy and when zoomed (I'm using 1080p so zooming = ability to read text)several horizantal black lines flash repeatedly across the screen. As a side note, my friend's 40GB PS3, hooked up to same TV (40" Plasma) does not present same problems. I'm not angry, though I'm sure many would understand if I was. I'm dissapointed Square and Sony (no surprise Microsoft would abandon their customers) have not stepped to the plate to handle this. You guys are going to lose supporters/customers, not to mention face to this issue. Not to mention what if this is only the begining? To fix this issue now actually save you further later. That's my 2 cents, Peace.
  • rudykreutz - March 18, 2010 8:56 p.m.

    I've got the 40GB Fat and my game will not let me finish a boss fight in Ch7. My background music will stop playing in the middle of the battle then I won't be allowed to finish the battle even if I beat the thing.
  • spicyweaselthief - March 18, 2010 6:29 p.m.

    I have experienced two terrible crashes in the past 24 hours. Both resulting in the death of each PS3. For the past week my boyfriend and I have been playing Army of TWO and after he would leave I would fire up my new copy of Final Fantasy XIII. I was about 10 hours into the game when it froze, now my PS3 won't read ANY discs, not even DVDs or CDs. My PS3 has been very well taken care of, its only 2 years old and I have never had any problems. Last night my boyfriend took pity and let me borrow his ps3 to play FFXIII on. No incidents over night but when I brought it back over to his house to play Borderlands today, his PS3 froze and now wont read any discs. The only common factor between these two Playstations is that they were both on my tv and they both were playing FFXIII...and my TV hasn't messed up any of my consoles yet so it has to be the game. So now I have to spend $150 to get a new laser put in and so does my boyfriend. We called square enix today,the guy told us this was the first he had heard of anything of this sort and assured us it was a Sony problem. He told us that Sony should make playstations that can read playstation games. He also told us to take the game back to the store where I purchased it and play it on their console to ruin it. Yes, he actually told us that. For the record,I have no intentions of vandalizing Blockbuster's display PS3, and I feel like I shouldnt have to,in order to let a store know that Square Enix probably made some faulty discs. All in all, the phone call to square enix got me no where, the support guy was incredibly rude, and I have 2 broken playstation 3s. At this point I don't know if I want to get a new copy in the future (after the 2-3 months I have to wait to get my ps3 fixed) because I don't want the game to ruin my playstation again. I love the Final Fantasy games, but letting a $60 game ruin my $300 console is not worth it.
  • mikevilleneuve - March 18, 2010 4:40 a.m.

    I've had the freezing problem as well with the 360 version of the game. It was so bad that I couldn't make it through the opening cut scene or the game would hang during booting. I had to exchange it. Now I just experienced freezing for the first time on disc 2 of the game for my new copy. I experienced the freeze twice in the exact same spot: during the cut scene right before the battle with Aster Protoflorian in the Garpa Whitewood of Chapter 5. Seriously, Square-Enix, Microsoft, and Sony all need to take a serious look at this game and see what's up. Personally it seems to me like a game recall might be necessary if enough copies were affected. I just want to be able to play the game issue free! Until I can do that, I have an incomplete product I paid $60 for!
  • voodoo_ch - March 17, 2010 6:11 p.m.

    Freezes about 30 Minutes after starting the game. Always at the same battle. After a forced reboot of my 60gb ps3 the disc wasn't recognized anymore. I cut the power waited a minute and I could play again....until this "freezebattle". I now have discread-problems with other games, where I never had problems before.
  • Nocturne989 - March 17, 2010 6:10 p.m.

    RuneWalsh has posted a second video addressing the freezing issue. His ps3 is now a $300 paperweight. It addresses how Sony and Square are pointing the finger at each other and not actually addressing the problem. Here's the link SPREAD THIS THING LIKE SWINE FLU! We need to get the word out so that someone will actually acknowledge the problem and work toward a solution.
  • fearunknown - March 17, 2010 4:21 p.m.

    The game had crashed before while i was playing (disk 3), I figured I could solve the problem myself and installed it to my hard drive besides a little slow down at some of the large areas with big draw distances it works fine. Not sure if everyone else has the luxury of installing it to a hard drive though.
  • seanpolley - March 17, 2010 2:30 p.m.

    bought the game. played a little more than 10 hours total. Game froze during a boss battle with snow and hope. My playstation wouldnt shut off after that and i had to switch it off from the back. THEN IT GOT THE YELLOW LIGHT OF DEATH. so yeah. this might be a problem. however im getting it fixed at sony because of a prior warranty. I have an 80 gig backwards compatible model
  • lnksmartt - March 17, 2010 11:33 a.m.

    Mine is still Fine
  • OnyxOblivion - March 17, 2010 11:27 a.m.

    I'm 100% shocked that it HASN'T froze on my 360. Everything else does. Actually, everything else USED to. Then I got a new one and everything is fine. Unless I boot a game and open the guide menu AT THE SAME TIME.
  • scarletspider - March 17, 2010 7:27 a.m.

    Final Fantasy 13 bricked my system. Froze the system in chapter 2 and made it unable to read games or any other discs afterwards. Sony boards have an 11 page forum on this.;jsessionid=A4407A571FC507E7B53F7EE2779CF83B Sony still denies ever hearing of this problem when you call them. Something needs to be done about this.
  • Nocturne989 - March 17, 2010 7:14 a.m.

    I haven't had any problems with my copy. got a 120GB PS3 slim and launch copy of FFXIII. I haven't had any problems with reading other discs either (DVDs BDs etc.) Haven't gotten too far into the game yet (less than 10 hours) but no problems so far. just hope it stays that way.
  • Kacil - March 17, 2010 5:41 a.m.

    FFXIII crashed on my 60GB PS3. I stopped playing it after trying a few times to get it to work. I then switched to White Knight Chronicles and now that game is freezing. FFXIII being dual-layer and WKC being single layer. My PS3 is virtually unplayable now. I can play games for 20 minutes and then I have to restart and wait a bit before it will read discs again.
  • Puryie - March 17, 2010 5:12 a.m.

    My launch 80gb died 7 hours into the game, my motor deck crapped out on me, Sony refused to cover the costs so now I'm sitting here looking at the internet instead of playing a game I waited 2 years for.
  • yamato6945 - March 17, 2010 5:06 a.m.

    I got an 80 GB ps3 in 07 and my game at launch no problems here and i played it so much i broke sixaxis
  • BelovedBookworm - March 17, 2010 4:41 a.m.

    I've played about... 10 hours worth and no problems with my PS3 Slim.
  • Elfangor01 - March 17, 2010 3:09 a.m.

    What happened to the days where if a game didn't work all you had to do was blow it and viola
  • Ravenbom - March 17, 2010 2:57 a.m.

    Square needs to release a Phoenix Down patch

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