Postal III

The first rule for games journalists when it comes to interviewing notorious developers is not to do your research on Wikipedia. Which is why we asked Postal III’s developers about ‘murderer lifestyles.’

“That’s bullshit!” cries outraged Running With Scissors CEO Vince Desi. A slightly less outraged lead designer Steve Wik picks up the baton: “There are no ‘murder lifestyles’ in Postal III. What we do have are three paths: The Good, The Bad and The Insane. The idea being that our game is based on the concept of free will. Lethal force is always just an option that the player can choose to employ. Depending upon how you act and who you attack or befriend, there are different scenarios and benefits that can occur.”

So you can play a cop on the force of good, a pureblood mentalist, or a non-killing puritan. Even if you’ll experimentally drop your trousers and urinate on people at some point in any situation, simply because you can.

Newly third-personised, powered by Source, and forever an unexpected vendor of free-form gameplay - the Postal series may not be big or clever, but is undeniably always interesting. As, indeed, is any game that features a hand-held badger that acts as a chainsaw. Or any game that so deftly treads around (okay, stomps on wearing metal-soled motorcycle boots) issues like Islamic fundamentalism or immigration.

“It just wouldn’t be Postal without the absurd caricatures,” underlines Wik. “Just remember that it is not our intention to single out particular groups for ridicule - we try to show that everybody sucks. If your particular group isn’t represented, rest assured that we’ll get around to everyone eventually, just be patient. Your turn to be offended will come.”

Jan 29, 2008

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