PokemonRadar: week eight

One step up the evolutionary ladder, the starter Pokemon are back!

Seven installments ago,we introduced you to the Sinnoh region's three starter Pokemon, Naetoru, Hikozaru and Pocchama. Today we'll take a look at their three evolutions.

Now, to the Pokemon!

Pokemon Name: Hayashigame
Type: Grass
Classification: Tree Grove
Pokedex Number: 002 Sinnoh / 388 National
Ability: Overgrow - Increases the strength of Grass-type attacks when HP is low
Location Found: Evolved from Naetoru
Useful Attacks: Mega Drain

Trading in his adorable overbite for an intimidating grimace, Naetoru evolves into this walking shrubbery. There isn't anything particularly special about Hayashigame - he's still a pure Grass-type, and naturally has better stats than Naetoru. Being a tortoise and growing as quickly as he is, it's no surprise that Hayashigame is slower than the other starters at this phase of his development, but he's also got a better variety of moves than the others.