PokemonRadar, Week 22

Welcome to the 22nd installment of GamesRadar's weekly feature, PokémonRadar.

This week, we'll look at four more "baby" Pokemon, or prevolutions, as they're known. As with many of the last round of prevos, many of these Pokemon require special infant incenses to produce their new offspring.

There are only three weeks of PokemonRadar left, and only thirteen new Pokemon remain - the legendaries. Next week we'll begin the final push, starting with four new Psychic Legendary Pokemon. Don't miss out on PokemonRadar's final three installments and the rare beasties within!

Now, to the Pokémon!

English Name: Chingling
Japanese Name: Rishaan
Type: Psychic
Classification: Bell
Pokédex Number: 082 Sinnoh / 433 National
Ability: Levitate - Immune to Ground-type attacks
Location Found: Tengan Mountains, Bred from Chimecho while holding Purifying Incense
Useful Attacks:Uproar

Hold it! That's not a new racial slur, that's the name of the a new Pokemon. Our first Pokemon this week is Chingling, a Japanese-style jinglebell that evolves into the questionable windchime Pokemon, Chimecho. Wild Chinglings wander the serpentine caverns that run beneath the Tengan Mountains, and are the result of Chimechoes that mate near a special incense.



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