• Quintillus54 - March 6, 2013 10:50 a.m.

    I'm definitely picking Fennekin. I've always loved Fire-type Pokemon. Typhlosion is my favorite. If Fennekin evolves to be Fire/Psychic, then I'll definitely be happy. But I swear to god, if it's another Fire/Fighting, I'm going to The Pokemon Company and I will beat the living crap out of Tsunekazu Ishihara myself.
  • brendan-heenan - February 15, 2013 10:09 a.m.

    You cunt fuck fat piece of shit, dumb nigger bitch you are the stupidest mother fucker i have ever seen. You should be crucified for being so dumb and ignorant. "There have been many Pokémon over the years that combine types and abilities, but outside of Bulbasaur in Red/Blue/Yellow, none of the starters have been dual types. It initially seemed like that may be changing this October after some sharp-eyed viewers of the reveal trailer thought the moves pulled off by all three X/Y starters implied a secondary type. Now it appears that Nintendo has quickly shut down that rumor. Less than a week after the trailer hit, the publisher released some fresh assets for Fennekin, Froakie, and Chespin, and in the materials each was clearly labeled as Fire, Water, and Grass. No mention was made of a secondary type, so it looks like Bulbasaur will continue to have something to lord over the other starters". Majority of the starters are dual types, tepig, torchic and chimchar are all fighting and charmander is a flying. Mudkip and turtwig are both ground. Piplup is an ice.
  • HyruleKing - February 15, 2013 8:43 p.m.

    Tepic, Torchic and Chimchar are all pure fire. They don't become fighting until they evolve. Charmander is also pure fire. Doesn't become flying until it fully evolves in Charizard. Mudkip and Turtwig also don't gain their ground types until they evolve in Marshtomp and Grotle respectively. Piplup never becomes an ice type. It seemed obvious that the article was specifically talking about the starters' first forms, but apparently, it wasn't that obvious.
  • HyruleKing - February 15, 2013 8:45 p.m.

    My mistake. Turtwig doesn't gain its ground type until fully evolving into Torterra, not evolving into Grotle.
  • est531 - June 18, 2013 11:38 a.m.

    THANK YOU! You, my good person, did your research, even if you did kinda mess up on the Turtwig thing. Being an owner of pretty much all Pokemon Games but the Gen 1, and a preorderer of Gen 6, I thank you. It seriously annoyed me when he said that. And Im going for Fennikin. XD
  • Silentcapt2 - July 9, 2013 6:29 p.m.

    Your trolling skills need work sir. A stream of insults that make no sense is too obvious, a better strategy is to try and be condescending with the occasional swear mixed in along with a few typos to keep it exciting. You were on the right track with misinterpreting what the author said and providing your own incorrect correction (Charmander being a flying type, when it's only his evolution that's the flying type) but the intro screwed it up. I wish you luck in your future endeavors, eventually you'll make it.
  • bernard-covington - February 5, 2013 4:53 p.m.

    Well since everyone is choosing chespin, I guess I'm choosing fennekin for real now :p
  • todd-adams - February 5, 2013 2:47 p.m.

    I was misinformed as well. This is only a preview of the new starters. Definitely nowhere close to "Everything I Need to Know." I need to know of the evolutions, final evolved types, the area the new gen 6 game takes place in, & if the new starters have a ability or move that is exclusive to them. At least.
  • HyruleKing - February 3, 2013 6:08 p.m.

    "by the end you’ll be able to make an informed decision come launch day" <--- How? There's not nearly enough information to make an "informed" decision yet. "it’s never too early to prepare for the most important choice of the entire adventure" <--- See my above point about lack of info. "so we knew he was a Water type the second we saw him" <--- Wait, you mean you actually had to THINK FOR A WHILE to realize that Chespin was a Grass type and Fennekin was a Fire type? "we’re still coming up short on reasons to pick him over the other two" <--- We know what they look like, what their types are and what their names are... Of course you're coming up short! I'm still coming up short on reasons why any one of them is better than the others! "he’s at least better than that seashell-collecting, otter-wannabe Oshawott" <--- See.... Now you just sound like a biased 8-year-old.... Also, it's "Ninetales" and "Politoed"... Please, if you're trying to help "Pokefreaks" make an "informed" decision about what starter to pick (ESPECIALLY if you're going to let someone who's biased as fuck write the article) at least spell the names of different Pokemon right... I came here hoping to see some kind of informed article about the Gen 6 starters, and I ended up reading a 10-page article that sounded like it was typed by a twenty-something and written to convey the biased thoughts of his 10-year old brother.
  • todd-adams - February 1, 2013 1:48 p.m.

    Are there any new eevee evolutions? ghost , dragon, or steel?
  • Lorelie - October 17, 2013 2:57 p.m.

    Yes.. Fairy....
  • todd-adams - February 1, 2013 1:30 p.m.

    For the third in the series, Pokemon Z, they should start with you waking up by an alarm clock. Then a choise to "get up" or "hit the snooze button". If you choose to "get up" you'll choose between the Chespin (Grass type), Fennekin (Fire type), & Froakie (Water type). If you choose to "hit the snooze" the professor will tell you missed out but not to worry he has two other pokemon left an Eevee or a Generation VI electric type pokemon.
  • jdhaliwal003 - January 31, 2013 6:57 p.m.

    "Will Chespin turn into a viscous, green-tailed bear?" - Henry Gilbert Hmm... I knew that liquids could be viscous, but I had no idea that a Pokemon could be viscous as well. I believe the word you intended to use was "vicious." Oh, and don't diss the 3rd Gen Starters, Torchic was AMAZING!
  • xx_CaPTiiN_SpAiiN_zz - January 27, 2013 2:45 a.m.

    'We’ve always been partial to the Fire starters' Yeah, if you're a pretentious twat. 'But charmander's the best man!!111' No, I picked bulbasaur as my starter. Fuck off. 'Aside from the originals, we’d say the design of Gen VI’s starters can hold their own against the other sets' Don't be a massive cunt. Nostalgia goggles are all ok, but that kind of statement just takes the piss. Sort it out. 'The final evolution is key' Not particularly, if you prefer an earlier evolution. Wartortle is more of a badarse than Blastoise. Quilava trumps Typhlosion. Bayleef > Meganium. So Yeah! But no, not really. Oh, and to the people who care about EV training and stats - you're all fucking idiots. That's not what pokemon was for. It's far more fun to stick with a pokemon design you like, as opposed to the stats. You may as well all be playing CoD BlOpS, picking the most OP gun to run around with like an absolute arse. What the fuck is the point? If you want to go for efficiency, just don't play games at all. Go to work, get a job. Fuck me
  • HyruleKing - February 3, 2013 6:17 p.m.

    EV training isn't all about picking the most OP Pokemon, EV training them, and ruining everything in their path. Not to everyone who EV trains anyway. There are people who would be perfectly happy EV training a team of Skitty, Magikarp, Caterpie, Beautifly, Ditto and Oddish. "If you want to go for efficiency, just don't play games at all." Yeah, because if you have a hobby you really enjoy, you shouldn't try to have fun while simultaneously trying to be the best you can be at it. So, I guess if someone enjoys playing a trading card game, they should buy a deck of cards and play with that one deck forever, never trying to modify it to make it better and more competitive.
  • Silentcapt2 - July 9, 2013 6:34 p.m.

    You're 100% right, people who EV/IV train are pretty dang stupid and completely kill the spirit of the game. Breeding wasn't actually meant to be used to train IVs, it's just there to get an exact copy of the pokemon you already have. The fact that you can influence IVs is just a glitch. EVs are also stupid, it doesn't feel like you're "training" a pokemon when you actually put thought and effort into said training. Levels are all that matters. After all, just because something is in the game, doesn't mean you should consider it a part of the game, that would just be silly. I hope more people realize this in X/Y and stop trying to enjoy the game the wrong way.
  • Shayne - January 21, 2013 10:50 p.m.

    And to quell the suspicions of Fennekin falling into the dreaded Fire/Fighting category, lets think about this. Ideas for torchick can't have been anything decent. You can turn a lizard into a dragon, and you can turn a small echidna type creature into a larger mammalian honey badger. But what does a chicken have going for it? You could argue that he could have been more of a pheonix, and that it wasnt necessarily a chicken chick. But its a stretch. Infernape and Emboar are the same way. They chose very finite animal families, and both are normally relatively violent. So the Fighting type addition makes sense. You can't go turning a pig into much else but a boar. And there are only so many monkeys that a chimp could feasibly evolve into. So, with that said, we come to Fennekin. A fox. Already, we know foxes are stylized as more majestic creatures than monkeys or pigs. So we've got the hope there. I know that Nintendo/Gamefreak isnt one to listen to its fans (they've stated before that the reason Ash never gets older is because the younger generation is the generation they are aiming for, so the older veteran pokemon trainers, like myself, just have to deal with it) so there is a chance that Fennekin will fully evolve into Canuburn, the Fire/Fighting Burning Wolf pokemon. But i'm not gonna worry about it. I have some faith.
  • Shayne - January 20, 2013 11:08 p.m.

    Well, from the second I saw the trailer, I knew my first pick was going to be Fennekin. I actually have a fennec fox of my own, and I've been partial to fire types before. Having raised and played though the entire game with all but 2 of the 16 starters before them, I can say this. I prefer Charizard, Typhlosion, Blaziken, Torterra, and Serperior. I was honestly disappointed with Gen V's starters, and actually never raised Oshawatt or Tepig. I started with Snivy in Black 1, but traded over for a custom single type team in White 2 and Black 2. White 2 I had all ghosts, Black 2 all darks. Fully raised from eggs, I can say it was A LOT more fun than sticking with these starters. I enjoyed Blastoise and Venusaur when I was playing them at 9 years old. I enjoyed Feraligatr and Meganium when i was 12. Gen III probably had my favorite collection of starters, because Blaziken was the first of his kind, and Sceptile was just so damned cool. And Swampert was awesome too. Then Gen IV decided "Hey Fire/Fighting rocks." No, no it doesn't. Infernape was subpar to me after loving Blaziken so much. Empoleon was a different story. New type combination, and it was a friggin penguin. But the awesomeness of Torterra, paired with its timing released around the same time as Avatar: The Last Airbender, swept them both away. I'm going to get X and Y on release. I already have 2 3DS' so its not like I can't get all 3 if i wanted. But like you guys have said, it may be fun to go in blind. Not know what to expect from the pokemon. Actually have to catch things to find out their type (God forbid). Which is why I'm going to do my best to NOT find out what their final evolutions are. I don't wanna know. I want it to be a surprise at levels ~16 and ~32. I want to find out if Fennekin becomes a Psychic or a Ground type AS ITS HAPPENING. Chespin will be my choice on Y, as my secondary game. Good luck to all you people. Let's enjoy a new experience.
  • grassdragon - January 20, 2013 2:35 p.m.

    Starters that I've chosen in the past- Charmander, Cyndaquil, Treecko, Turtwig, Snivy, and I will choose Chespin. Turtwig started my love for grass type Pokemon. I once beat Gym leader Blaine with only my Venusaur. (without revives and full restores) I'm hoping that Chespin's final form will be Grass/Dark with an epically high speed. I'm hoping that amidst the new Pokemon, that there is a Grass/Dragon. I would LOVE that. Charizard is just epic. Typhlosion learns Eruption. Sceptile. Torterra is my favorite. Serperior reminded me of a grass Milotic. Chespin is going to be awesome no matter what type it ends getting paired with Grass. (if any)

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