• SkyDragonc5 - August 12, 2010 11:56 p.m.

    Catching up on older episodes. Have you read the web comic super effective? So many jokes on Brock. I am sorry to see him go. I wonder though how many nurse joys are there in the Pokemon world? When I train I check how many evolutions there are and check how powerful they become. I love having three evolutions. I do EV train with the poke-virus but I don't pay attention to the specifics of ev's. I love the poke-virus I got it back in my sapphire and moved it around to all my games. I always train in high level areas using exp. share. I stooped doing the elite 4 because in the new games later areas have better pokemon to battle against. I grow really attached to many of my pokemon, that's why I have tones of team boxes. When I have trouble ev training I just use the stat supplements, works a ton faster, if you don't have the poke-virus that is. I dont pay attention to nature though, I think its a cool idea that changes it a bit. OMG Ploywrath! I still prefer Polytoad, he is cute and powerful. I hated that time issue. It was the start of the modern hating on pokemon. Being Canadian I don't know what pokemon I would want to claim, definately not Bidoof, or Bibarel. Don't give into the trading card game, stick with the games. No one when I was little played we just collected them. Go Deathcoffin! Anyways on to listening to the rest!
  • nvansnick - July 14, 2010 8:26 p.m.

    Just wanted to say that there is a pokemon ev training app for the iphone. It seems like the best one is called "Pokemon EV Training Helper" but it does seem like there are others.
  • MrSuitMan - July 10, 2010 5:51 a.m.

    I'm gonna be honest and admit that while I do ev train, I use cheating devices in order to do it faster. I would generate things like lvl 1 Machamps to get 6 ev points in atk. I like battling but I hate the tedium of training. Also I don't do stuff like max ivs, that's too much cheating. I tend to train lesser used pokemon like Persian and Dodrio. I think using the weaker guys are funner than having like 6 legendaries on a team.
  • Pry0citer - July 8, 2010 7:51 p.m.

    EV training is easy. Infact right now I'm EV training an Infernape for the Gym leader Challenge in the Forums.
  • Robusken - July 8, 2010 2:42 p.m.

    @Phazon117- Yes! Thats the exact app I have, I should read the comment before ...commenting.
  • Robusken - July 8, 2010 2:39 p.m.

    Yes I do EV train. Yes it looks like one of the most confusing things, once you get into it though its pretty simple. I also do have a notebook where I do all my team planning and training notes. Its under my bed somewhere...As for a pokedex app, there isnt one for EVs but theres a really specific pokedex one. I rushed to buy an Ipod touch after my friend showed it to me.
  • garfunkling - July 7, 2010 4:36 p.m.

    never tried ev training before. why not? ill give it a shot
  • ReasonableFanboy - July 7, 2010 6 a.m.

    When I pick out my party, I usually go for multi-type Pokemon with the least weaknesses like Spiritomb and Kingdra. But in terms of actual training, it's spooky how similar I am to Carolyn. I just finished EV Training my first entire party (off the cusp of a break-up), having planned out each and every Pokemon's moveset and primary EVs before even catching them. From there, I carry around dedicated sheets for each Pokemon's EVs, since I only train one at a time, counting in tallies of four. And I've got most of the common EV givers memorized by now. The only drawback, though, is that I didn't bother taking a look at each Pokemon's base stats before starting, and now my party is just a little less awesome than it could be. But hey, I'm starting to get attached to the critters.
  • Phazon117 - July 7, 2010 3:36 a.m.

    Also, sorry for the double post, but I do agree with Carolyn's philosophy of Pokemon play.
  • Phazon117 - July 7, 2010 3:35 a.m.

    I EV train quite a bit, I mean, I have to have the best possible Pokemon I can have. I also IV train. @Carolyn - There are really good Pokemon apps for iPhones. The best one, imo, is 'AAA Pokedex', which is $2. Kiss those papers goodbye!
  • noofer7 - July 6, 2010 9:25 p.m.

    I EV train. It's daunting at first, but becomes quite easy with the help of the Power items. I only got into it in the last year or so. I've never understood IV breeding at all though, so I don't bother with that. So there's my tip, Power items. That and, a very in-depth and helpful Pokemon fansite. Oh, and notes are absolutely essential, because if you're EV training, you have to be fairly exact with the numbers.
  • irishthunder - July 6, 2010 5:25 p.m.

    don't worry Carolyn you are not the only one with that problem i forget if i've counted ev's when i am training as well, its because its just so boring and tedious, but in the end its all worth it!
  • VictorRay - July 6, 2010 5:12 p.m.

    I try to EV train, but then get sort've bored. As for IV training, I've never even attempted that. has anyone ever gotten the pokemon virus?
  • philipshaw - July 6, 2010 5:10 p.m.

    Another great podcast guys, keep it up
  • GreenLikesGreen - July 6, 2010 4:35 p.m.

    EV training is sooooo worth it, i always do it and it doesn't take much time.... and i've actually found 2 shiny's while ev training in platinum :D also, ralts and wurmple don't like you
  • shyfonzie - July 6, 2010 2:37 p.m.

    The ruins of Alph are great for EV training. 1 attack and 1 Special Attack for a bunch of lv. 5 pokemon that know one move.
  • JayBeat - July 6, 2010 1:17 p.m.

    I don't EV train, to me it stops being fun and starts being a chore, like a lot of people have mentioned; but it seems to be rewarding for the more serious people.
  • IChooseUAntistaMON - July 6, 2010 9:44 a.m.

    Oh also i EV train after u beat the game
  • IChooseUAntistaMON - July 6, 2010 9:41 a.m.

    Two things why is this never on iTunes until later like tuesday. Also it should be called PokeMonday
  • Crabhand - July 6, 2010 5:42 a.m.

    EV training is a pain to get used to, but super easy and fun once you understand it completely. I had a Pokémon infected with the Pokérus the other day and I was ecstatic, really speeds things up.

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