Pitt and Duvall lined up for Hatfields and McCoys


Brad Pitt is going to be a busy boy for the next year or so. With Terence Malick’s The Tree of Life and baseball flick Moneyball already on his to-do-list, he’s also been linked to feuding-families pic, The Hatfields and McCoys . That’s according to Robert Duvall, anyway.

Speaking to Hollywood Elsewhere during press for Get Low , Duvall revealed that Crazy Heart helmer Scott Cooper had met with Pitt to discuss the project. He went on to claim that Pitt will be playing “the main guy”, while he himself will co-star.

Benjamin Button scribbler Eric Roth has supposedly written a script, while fans of Crazy Heart will be pleased to hear that T Bone Burnett has been approached to do the music.

So who are these Hatfields and McCoys then? Well, the two families were 19th Century American settlers, who embarked upon a legendary tiff that began with a row over the ownership of a hog.

Cue a spate of fisticuffs, killings and even an affair between a Hatfield and a McCoy. It must have been some hog…

Ripe material for the big-screen treatment then, with a healthy balance of action and heartache. If Pitt is “the main guy” (cheers for that Rob), then we’d guess he’ll either be playing Old Man McCoy or Pa Hatfield.

Just where this will fit into Brad’s busy schedule is another matter, but we must admit, we’re quite excited for a good old-fashioned barn-burning!

The Real McCoy or a load of old hogwash? What do you reckon?

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