PC Gamer gives APB a 55%, developers expected “mixed” reviews

‘Players who treat APB like a singleplayer GTA will be disappointed,’ says Realtime Worlds

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If you had high hopes for Realtime Worlds’ online game APB, you might be disappointed. PC Gamer has just published their review of the cops ‘n robbers MMO, awarding it a lowly score of 55%. But the development team at Realtime Worlds were already prepared for ‘mixed’ reviews from critics…

Speaking to CVG, Realtime Words’ Dave Jones expressed concern that reviewers and players may be disappointed with APB if they come into the game expecting it to be like Grand Theft Auto. “If someone approaches it treating it like a singleplayer online GTA, they will be disappointed. Bring a few friends, make a group, and come for some fun online action… Any game that can keep you and your friends entertained for hours and hours is in my book doing something right. You don’t need an epic story singleplayer experience to achieve that though,” explained Jones.

PC Gamer described APB as “confused and weightless,” going on to say that “the shooting, driving, story and objectives are all sub-par.” We look forward to seeing what other outlets have to say about APB and are curious to see if it turns out to be one of those divisive that players either absolutely love or hate. In the meantime, you can read the review for yourself on PC Gamer’s new website.

Source: PC Gamer and CVG

July 2, 2010