PC Gamer gives APB a 55%, developers expected “mixed” reviews

If you had high hopes for Realtime Worlds’ online game APB, you might be disappointed. PC Gamer has just published their review of the cops ‘n robbers MMO, awarding it a lowly score of 55%. But the development team at Realtime Worlds were already prepared for ‘mixed’ reviews from critics…

Speaking to CVG, Realtime Words’ Dave Jones expressed concern that reviewers and players may be disappointed with APB if they come into the game expecting it to be like Grand Theft Auto. “If someone approaches it treating it like a singleplayer online GTA, they will be disappointed. Bring a few friends, make a group, and come for some fun online action… Any game that can keep you and your friends entertained for hours and hours is in my book doing something right. You don’t need an epic story singleplayer experience to achieve that though,” explained Jones.

PC Gamer described APB as “confused and weightless,” going on to say that “the shooting, driving, story and objectives are all sub-par.” We look forward to seeing what other outlets have to say about APB and are curious to see if it turns out to be one of those divisive that players either absolutely love or hate. In the meantime, you can read the review for yourself on PC Gamer’s new website.

Source: PC Gamer and CVG

July 2, 2010


  • stiliom - July 13, 2010 1:14 p.m.

    Linkie here:
  • Limbo - July 5, 2010 6:33 a.m.

    Wow, I was expecting this to be a great game. Then again, it IS just an online GTA4 with insane customization. If it weren't for this game's customization, no one would have cared in the first place, myself included.
  • crumbdunky - July 3, 2010 11:22 a.m.

    @angryscotsman-but they don't. None of the reviewers these days use the full range of scores available to them I blame the "lazy 710" syndrome myself. It's a score which avoids dev wrath but also stops short of a glowing recommendation too but the end result is a squeezing together of the vast bulk of games released to between 5 and 10/10-and where dooes it leave games which are genuinely given a 7 0r 7.5? Also, I think it means we get a lot more perfect scores than we otherwise would as people think "well this game is a LOT better than the one I gave 7/10 to last week. It's streets ahead even if it's not perfect" but with only 8,9 and 10 to go with the temptation is to perfect score imperfect games(i'e every game ever!). Naturally, there's a lot more to it(not least the impact of Metacritic and similar aggregation sites)but suffice to say it's my opinion that review SCORES are largely broken.
  • AngryScotsman - July 3, 2010 10:45 a.m.

    55% is still on the positive end of the scale. If the reviewer used the scores responsibly, then that still means that there's more good than bad. It's not exactly the end of everything.
  • Omrikon - July 3, 2010 8:02 a.m.

    I was in the beta as well, and I honestly expected a lot more out of the game. It seemed interesting as I went through the tutorial world, but at some point the game just devolves into "get mission. giant firefight in the streets. rinse. repeat." And the matchmaking system actively discouraged new players, because of how difficult it is to kill higher level players and how easy it is to kill you if you're not as advanced as them. On the plus side: outstanding degree of personal customization. But that just means it's the most complex dress-up game I've ever encountered. Hope they improve on it otherwise.
  • NorthGuard - July 3, 2010 7:51 a.m.

    Beyond customization. APB offers nothing that you can't find done better in San Andrea's Multiplayer, or even GTA4 MP. APB could have been great but the problem is after a few hours you will have done everything. The match making system is insanely annoying as well. I would have liked open world combat much more.
  • Samael - July 3, 2010 5:32 a.m.

    I'd wager this is the average reaction to APB. *watches character customization video* "Holyshitholyshit, that's awesome! It's SO DEEP!" *watches gameplay video* "...THE F**K IS THIS?"
  • GodofPS314 - July 3, 2010 5:19 a.m.

    I had watched some videos, and to be honest I was like wow this looks terrible. SO I am not surprised by this.
  • Persona - July 3, 2010 2:57 a.m.

    Why can't we just play GTA IV sandbox with a few friends? Won't we get the same satisfaction? Heck even with RDR. Sans the MMORPG elements and gay ass payment system
  • Jacko415 - July 3, 2010 2:34 a.m.

    i stopped caring about critic reviews a WHILE ago. if you enjoy it... play it. no critic can have everybody's best interests at heart.
  • JohnnyMaverik - July 3, 2010 2:28 a.m.

    I played the BETA a little bit, and while I was impressed with the customization, everything else seemed to be either average to poor. I could have played the BETA a lot more than I did as well, I just didn't want to spend any more time with it. I was hoping I hadn't seen what the game truly had to offer, but after reading that review, their experiences were pretty much the same, although they played it for longer ergo they had to endure a lot more of it.
  • FreddiexKruegerxinxmyxWetxDreams - July 2, 2010 9:43 p.m.

    I love APB I think the shooting and driving are good and the customization is the best out of any game. Sure the objectives kinda suck but playing this game with friends is a blast
  • Ridgley - July 2, 2010 8:46 p.m.

    Based on my beta time, I would have given it a 6. Fun at first until you realize what you do in the beginning is what you do forever.
  • AnonymouZ - July 2, 2010 8:38 p.m.

    55%? they must be hating on this game. kinda like mikel's biased reviews.... lul, i keed, i keed.
  • Cleanser247 - July 2, 2010 8:37 p.m.

    I think it has potential.
  • db1331 - July 2, 2010 8:18 p.m.

    This is really going to hurt their revenue from those in-game advertisements. This reminds me of the quote from one of the heads of Rebellion after AvP got bad scores, where he said something like, "If you take away a lot of those really negative reviews, the average is actually quite good." Yeah, that's how averages work.
  • Wriggly - July 2, 2010 8:06 p.m.

    Eurogamer gave it a 6.
  • McSpermie - July 2, 2010 8:06 p.m.

    I totally agree, that game needs a year to polish. Then it will be amazing.

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