Paddy Considine talks directorial debut Tyrannosaur

We recently caught up with Paddy Considine to discuss his shift from actor to auteur with his directorial feature debut Tyrannosaur .

For those familiar with his uniquely intense screen roles ( Dead Man’s Shoes , In America , My Summer Of Love ), it’ll be no surprise to know that Tyrannosaur is an extremely tough, raw drama that has to be endured, rather than casually viewed.

When we asked where to decision to move behind the camera came from, Considine told us, “I just got to a point where I was finding acting a bit hit and miss. I couldn’t understand why in some films I’d really hit the mark and in others there was nothing there.

“And I kind of do now. It’s just all about expression. And if there’s nothing invested of me in anything then it just doesn’t work, because I’m not very capable of acting very well.”

So, doesn’t he see himself as a great actor? “I wasn’t happy with this idea that I was an actor, and I wasn’t happy taking jobs that I had to take financially. Not because of selling out, I think that’s a bullshit, naïve teenage idea.

“If I was good in those films I’d do them, but I’m not. When I’m working with directors I love, with material I love, I can deliver. I worked with James Marsh on Red Riding and it was a beautiful collaboration, I loved it, and it was creative.

“It’s the other jobs really when I struggle.”

There’s the sense that Tyrannosaur is very much a personal project. Considine told us, “I think I’m just trying to make sense of myself in bits of it.

“I want to know why some days I’m OK, laughing with everybody, and other days I want to hide. And some days I want to lash out and hit something.

“I’m careful because there’s a very easy route to say that it’s based on true events, or based on my life, or based on my dad. I haven’t figured out the route yet to avoid that, because it’s not.

“I think it would be lazy to sit there and say it’s autobiographical. It’s a piece of writing, you know.”

Tyrannosaur opens on 7 October 2011.

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