Over Her Dead Body review

Death doesn't exactly become Eva Longoria Parker in this strained supernatural caper, which sees her shrewish ghost come back to life to stop ex-fiancé Paul Rudd moving on with his. A far from blithe spirit then, and even less so when she realises he's falling for ditzy psychic Ashley (Lake Bell). How long, though, can she play spectral gooseberry? About 90 minutes too long if writer-director Jeff Lowell's feature debut is anything to go by, a thoroughly lifeless affair saddled with a desperately unlikeable heroine you're more than happy to see killed on her wedding day. Rudd fares better, though you can sense him itching to break out of his grieving vet character and bring the funny. Tragically, that task is left to Jason Biggs as Bell's lovelorn best friend.

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